Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Have Trouble with Fitting Pants???? Take My Class!

It's Back by Popular Demand! I have the pleasure of teaching my Pants Fitting webinar yet again!  If you missed it the first time it's entitled "Learning Backwards: Dispelling Old Practices and Perfecting the Art of Fitting and Sewing Pants the Easy Way! It's an EXCEPTIONAL course  and teaches you easier strategies on how to properly fit pants for yourself and even for others. I use it on my clients and have always had success! If you're struggling with fitting pants or even want added bonus tips on how to finetune your fit SIGN UP FOR THIS COURSE! You won't be disappointed! I LOVEEEEEEEE to teach and convey the information I've been fortunate enough to learn throughout the years. Like many of you I struggled with making pants for myself and others and through serious research, trial and error had a major EUREKA moment that forever changed how I make pants. It's WAY SIMPLER then most people realize. The right knowledge and techniques are key. Let me share them with you! Anyhow, I hope you will consider signing up! The class is tomorrow ---Thurs, Dec 11th at 11am but you don't have to be present to take it. I know many folks work! Still sign up! If you can't be present for the live webinar then you will receive the recorded version. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and sign up and enjoy the newfound freedom of conquering pants fitting & sewing for yourself and anyone else you choose to sew for!!!!

You can find the course link and more info HERE. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!!!

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