Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sweet 16 Bubble Gum Pink Faux Leather Overall's

I just finished up my latest client project last week! It was a pair of Bubble Gum Pink Faux Leather Overall's to be worn by the lovely Ms. S at her Sweet 16 Party on December 19th. She LOVED them and said they were a HIT!!!! I love having satisfied clients. Makes me happy, happy, happy!!!! Plus I love taking on the "unusual" projects. It's a wonderful feeling to help bring other's clothing ideas and visions to life.
(Here's the BDay girl Ms. S all dolled up and reflecting her Pink Party theme. She performed a dance number in these overall's and of course she had to wear them the ultra-hip way with one shoulder strap down!)

Here was the inspiration overall's I was initially presented with, except they were to be made a bit looser.......

 So I used Kwik Sew pattern and modified it a GREAT deal to achieve the results. I totally ditched the back on this pattern and recut/shaped it. I shaped the legs and slimmed them out alot in addition to readjusting the crotch depth. As always I use a client's pre-existing RTW pants that fits good to help guide me in the fitting process. I added elastic to the back and added separate straps that attached to the back waistband using suspender clips. Of course I made up all these changes in a muslin first and had my client try it on. With minimal additional fitting needed I was able to move on to making the final piece in the pink pleather.

Here is a better view of the front of the overalls......

Back View. Notice the modifications....

I really enjoyed this project. It made me think and helped me try some new things. We had a few challenges with the pleather being that it stretched and tore fairly easy. So I was sure to add extra circumference to help eliminate that in addition to using clear elastic and seam binding to strengthen the crotch and upper side seams which would take majority of the wear. And of course you have to be careful with stitching pleather because machine holes become permanent. So you want to make sure you sew correctly and avoid having to pick out stitches.  Again, I'm delighted this turned out so well!!! And I'm glad I helped contribute to a 16 year old feeling extra special for her birthday!!!!


  1. I have been WAITING to see these overalls and you did not disappoint!! I love them. SO adorable and not too sexy, but very cool! Great job!!

  2. You're on a role Victoria! Well done.

  3. "Git on up on the dance floor!" I confess to having listened recently to some old school Salt and Peppa on youtube recently :) I believe they would also have rocked these pink pleather overalls. Everything old is new again.


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