Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Month/ Butterick 4967

Happy September! Boy can time fly by fast when you're having fun or being really busy. In my case it's been both and continues to be. I'm loving it! To recap my 10,000 Hour Sewing Challenge June/July sewing goals will be pretty easy. I managed to sneak in 4 pieces for myself (see my blog archive to see which one's). But for the most part I've been devoting most of my time to clients and tailoring classes.

 I just finished a wonderful dress for one of my younger clients. This is Ms. Camryn and at the end of this month she will be a Junior Bridesmaid in a friends wedding. Her and her Mom were such a delight to work with. Isn't she just the prettiest!!! I took Butterick 4967 and converted it to this dress. I changed the straps and the skirt details to their liking. My favorite is the skirt which consists of 5 stratified layers---top 2 are 100% nylon organza, underneath that a shiny satin, then white bridal satin and finally the lining. The front of the dress was a little higher then the back (you can see better from the side view). She's wearing it with a crinoline to add some extra fullness. The organza was a little challenging to hem. I tried several methods, including using a hot knife to seal the edges (that didn't work consistently well) so I ended up doing a scalloped edge using a zigzag stitch. Anyway, this turned out lovely. Ms. Camryn plans to wear it with a beautifully guava colored belt with lots of bling on it and cowboy boots (seen below). I can't wait to get and post the final wedding pics.

Well I'm off to finish my pants for tailoring class. Then we're moving on to tailoring jackets!!! Can't wait!  I've also got to make a dress for a newborn for the same wedding and a few alterations for clients. Whew............September is already off to a busy start!!! It just so happens to be National Sewing Month. How's you month going so far? Got some exciting stuff in the works??? Do share!!!


  1. Will she be wearing a little camisole or upper slip? It might be more supportive and finished ... just a teeny suggestion to what overall is utter confection come to life! You are so good. I am sure enjoying The Gentleman's posts, too, thanks to you.

  2. She'll be wearing the appropriate underpinnings, although not really necessary since it's fully lined and not see through. This was just the final fitting in my studio. I'm just happy their ecstatic about it! When you sew for others that's all that really matters:)

  3. One sweet little dress and I can't wait to see a picture of her once she is all tripped out in the accessories. Not the typical little junior bridesmaid. Just adorable.

  4. That is adorable!!! I just plain on sewing my butt off in September! Hopefully 5-6 pieces will emerge by the end.

  5. I didnl;t know it was National Sewing MOnth! That's great...(I love dress, I think you should make one for your little girl too. Soon she'll be a teenager and wearing things that only look good to others in that age group!

  6. I agree, this dress is truly lovely!


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