Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Youngest Client...... only 16 days old. Yet she has her own tailor and is getting a custom made dress for an upcoming wedding!LOL! She's a special little girl indeed!  It's been a few months since I've sewn for a baby and to be quite truthful on top of that really forgot how small newborns were. Her dress was made in a similar fashion to this one since she'll be attending the very same wedding. I modified McCall's 4865, originally a Christening gown, to get the look I wanted. It has an organza overlay skirt on a white bridal satin bodice and skirt. It's also fully lined and has a glittery guava satin belt sewn on it. At the Mom's request I also made a diaper cover and a headband. I absolutely love it!!!! It's so sweet and so little. I almost had an emotional moment while showing the Hubby. Just had flashbacks to when my now 6 year old was so little. Needless to say he didn't join me in that trip down memory lane. LOL!!! Us Mom's are such "waterheads" LOL! Hey, we really can't help it!

I have to admit that this tiny little dress took a little more time to sew then I expected. That's in part due to the fact that I had to do alot of hand sewing---mainly basting. The sleeves were so incredibly tiny! I also had the hardest time trying to sew a casing in the legs of the diaper cover. I finally nixed that effort and just sewed the elastic on the inner edge. I like the effect it gives and I'm not nervous it will be too tight.


Anyhow I think the results are great! Can't wait until her Mom see's it. Ok, on to some more client sewing and possibly squeezing in something for me and the daughter to wear. I've got to put some mileage on my new industrial machine!!!!!


  1. Lady you are good. That is the most adorable little outfit. I know she is going to love it! Nice work thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh how precious! Family heirloom for sure!

  3. Swoon. Heart melting over here. Thanks for sharing this lovely first party dress for a very special little girl.

  4. Adorable beyond words...hope you can get a picture of the baby in it. Precious


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