Wednesday, August 28, 2013

10 Alteration DVD Giveaway!!!!

My jaw almost hit the floor when I found out that Mr. Jim was giving away 10 of his Alteration 2 Disc DVD sets!!! Sign me up PLEASE! LOL!!! As most of you know Mr. Jim is the Master Tailor I'm currently taking classes with. I talked about him in this POST. He's kind of new to the blogging community but is already making a good impression. Heck, I love him because he's an OUTSTANDING Tailor and he can simplify even the most complex sewing tasks. He really knows how to motivate me and make me push my skill limits! We're almost finished with my first pants project. Then it will be on to jackets. I can't wait!!!
 Anyhow if you want to try and win one of his 10 Alterations DVD's you have to go to his page and do the following:

Giveaway Rules
1. Leave a comment on HIS GIVEAWAY post with your name. (This is a great time for me to get to know you.)
2. Announce His GIVEAWAY on your Blog and/or Facebook page and include a link to it. (We want to share the opportunity!!! Also please leave the name/link of your blog...I'd love to visit!!!)

 His Giveaway link is here.....

Again go to his blog link and leave a comment and announce the giveaway to others to be included!


  1. Wishing you the best as you soak in all that knowledge.
    p.s. I am totally jealous that you are taking classes from him.

  2. I am glad I found his blog. And I am going to buy the dvd for my b-day gift for myself - I bet it is full of useful tips!

  3. What a great opportunity!!! I would love to own the DVD set from the master tailor. If I don't win, I would definitely like to purchase. I'll wait until the giveaway is over. Let us know how we may order the DVD's. Patricia Brown


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