Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sewing Jots and Tittles 9.8.13

Sewing Jots and Tittles---my weekly post of all of the random thoughts/happenings of my little world..........

Sewing Fashions and Such
Went to a formal wear shop to look at various dress details. The "Wee-One" nearly lost her mind being surrounded by all those gowns.

Just stocked up on the Burda $2.49 sale at Jo-Ann's. Picked up some great Fall and formal wear looks.

Ugh, 2 more bins of fabric needing to be packed away in the garage. My attempt of selling fabric didn't go as well as I'd planned:( I'll try again later!

 "Muslin" for my youngest client---a week old Baby girl who will be attending a wedding in 2 weeks. Wow, I forgot how small newborns are. I actually had to sew in the sleeves by hand. Can't wait to make the actual dress. I love to see babies in satin and organza!

 A fabric I plan to make for my daughter's dress!!! They're goldfish outlined in gold! This pic doesn't do it justice. Such a cool fabric.

Favorite tea in my favorite mug. My SIL has got me addicted to this stuff!

This is what happens when you decide to use super fertilizer to fill in thin grass. Bet my Hubby won't do that again! We're now growing a corn field! LOL!

What can I say. She has a thing with straightening up items on store shelves.

Remnants of the Hubby and daughter's date night. They always seem to have a blast!

Trying to look cool at the dentist office while getting numbed up. The operative word is "trying"..... not succeeding LOL!

These two are funny! They keep me laughing!

I dropped and broke my Samsung Galaxy S phone!  Boy that hurt my feelings!!! Thankfully insurance had it replaced 24hours later.

The Hubby & I recently celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary.  On a whim we did a "couple pedicure". Let's just say pedi's aren't his thing.  He made me promise not to put it on FB. He was terrified he'd lose his "Man Card". LOL!!!

 "Witch Finger" grapes! Never knew such a thing existed. They're quite good! Weird looking but good!

This recipe is great but  look at the comment in the red circle. Now tell me why would I want to eat this white bean chili out of a fritos bag? Who thinks of these things? Obviously someone who doesn't have kids! That's an interesting suggestion. LOL!

Excellent movie! Not at all what I thought it was going to be. Quite spellbinding and the music very ethereal. I like a movie that keeps me pondering about it a few days after I've watched it.

 The "Wee-One" turned 6. She's growing up SO fast!

I backed in my Hubby's Dodge Ram quad cab truck. It's huge! I felt like a Boss! LOL!!!!

 Some of my latest "reads". When I'm sewing/driving/working the audiobooks are awesome. These are some of my recent reads and they are/were very good!!!! I'm still reading Philip Yancey's book (one of my fave authors) and it's SOOOO good! Also, if you're not a Napoleon Hill fan you should be! His works are dynamic!!!

I love hearing her read!

This is what's left of some of the best Goat Milk Soap I've used!!! The raspberry vanilla is my favorite!!! Smells so good! This soap almost started a war in my house. My daughter started using it then my husband stole it. Child it got a little crazy! Becky, don't know what you're feeding those goats but keep it up!!! LOL!!! You guys check out Becky HERE, she's got some great goods!!!


  1. I picked up Burda 6990 myself . It appears to be a popular pattern. It had o visit 3 JoAnns stores to find it.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that your insurance covered the broken glass on your awesome new phone. Mine specifically excludes glass damage of any sort, even with an Otter case.... (ask me how I know). Will have to check out the new Burdas; the weekend got away from me somehow.

  3. I love these posts (I'm a new follower!) - so fun to share little bits of your life!

    I also hit the JoAnn's Burda sale - I got that 7020 coat pattern too! But darn! I didn't know about the 6990! Guess I'll have to pay "full price" for that one!

  4. Love the new Burda patterns! Your daughter is so cute and I hope she had a wonderful 6th birthday! And I so understand about the fabric in the garage...I'm still trying to get mine out of the garage.

  5. Congratulations on your 11th wedding anniversary - I cannot imagine my husband having a pedi at all so that was great of your husband to at least try one!

  6. I'm a big fan of audiobooks too. I listen all the time: the car, while cleaning, while doing an exercise DVD. Have you heard of It's a great way to keep track of what you've read and what you want to read. Here's my profile if you'd like to check it out.


  7. Happy anniversary!!
    I hit the Burda sale, too. They don't go on sale as often as the others, so that was fun!!
    Love, love, love audiobooks!!

  8. I too enjoyed that Burda sale. Thanks for the book and movie suggestions. Much like sewing pattern lists, I always like adding new titles for the future.

  9. It’s great that your phone is replaced immediately. I hope you recovered the file saved in it. It looks like this is completely irrepairable, what with the screen badly broken. Although, there are cases when phones breaks its surface, and the insides are remain and intact and may still function well. Well, I guess this is an opportunity to change or upgrade your phone anyway.

    Bryan Barnes @ Cell Phone Repair

  10. You’d definitely feel like a boss if you’re driving one fantastic truck! I love its color, and I’m sure your stuff have been fully accommodated with the truck's big space. Anyway, it looks like you’ve been very busy those past few days. I’m looking forward to see more of your stitches, as well as your adventures with your hubby’s truck. Well, if he’s letting you dodge on his car again. Hahaha! Have a great day!

    Rhonda Burgess @ Bob Dunn Hyundai


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