Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Time to dust off those sewing dreams.......

I ran across this Forbes article on today about an 11 year old entrepreneur who has a successful bow tie business. That's right, you read right---he's only 11. There's also a 15 year old girl who sales fancy flip flops called "fish flops". She sold over $1 million dollars worth!!!! That's just astonishing!!! Now if you have some sewing dream or goal and this article doesn't inspire you to pursue it (and give you a swift kick in the butt) then nothing else will. Do you have a sewing dream, goal or passion? What are you waiting for???? Well make it happen already!!!! If an 11 & 15 year old can do it so can you!!! Trust me this "pep talk" is just as much for me as it is for you.Get those dreams off the shelf and dust them off!!! It's time to make it happen!!!! Remember......


  1. The richest place on earth is the cemetery. There you will find novels never written, songs never sung, paintings never painted. We're only given so much time. Love this post Victoria!!

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing that!

  3. Funny how long it has taken me to learn this lesson. Last night I was lying awake thinking random thoughts, and remembered a moment from my childhood. I had just turned 12, and was in the basement rollerskating to music on one of those old, round-topped wooden radios. A new song came on, with such a remarkable sound that it made me stop and skate over to the radio and just listen. As it ended, the DJ identified it as "Fingertips Part 2" by Little Stevie Wonder, recorded at his 12th birthday party. For some reason I got the idea his birthday was on July 26, my birthday. I still remember the awe I felt that so much pure talent and accomplishment could come from a kid just my age! And then (and how foolish is this!) I felt despair that I could never catch up to this talented kid, that I was a failure at only 12 years old.

    So here's the second part of your lesson: don't be discouraged that someone else is more talented, creative,prolific, etc. Go ahead and follow your dreams, and do the best you can without comparing yourself to anyone but you!

    1. You say talent like he hadn't spent ages practicing and learning. Child prodigies usually just start earlier.

  4. I would be fun to follow you through your blog as you make your dreams come true. I am always impressed with the amount of hour you devote to sewing. Just think what you could do.

  5. I'm pursuing! I'm pursuing!!

  6. I started sewing the summer of last year. I had a woman kinda teaching me. I say "kinda" because some of the times she was supposed to be teaching me she was talking and talking. Probably why it would take over 2 months just to make 1 blouse. So my question to you is. Where do I start? How do I start without being discouraged? I already have a table, machine, cutting board and for Christmas I bought myself a dressform to motivate me. I really do want to do this but I'm just overwhelmed with where and how to start. May sound crazy but that's how I feel. Finding the right fabric for a particular pattern and how much to purchase overwhelmed me.


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