Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When the LOVE that was gone has RETURNED!

Ok, a few weeks ago in one of my "Sewing Jots and Tittles" posts I mentioned how I was going to sell back one of my sewing books (pictured below) on Amazon and use the money to get another one I wanted.

 At that time I was really convinced that I no longer needed the book. Well as I prepared to go through the process of selling it back I started to flip through it's pages---particularly one's at the back--- and really saw some useful information. It seems I'd gotten jaded with the book because I saw mostly familiar & basic sewing information in the front of the book that I have in SO many other books in my library. Truth be told I've never really took the time to look through the whole book. I would only occasionally use it as a reference. I'm so happy I "rediscovered" my book and all of it's in-depth information.

What has really got me captivated with this book is that it's geared to the fashion designer/sewer. The instructions really help you work your way through preparing/sewing/finishing a garment. Since my aim is to learn draping (which I'm currently working on now) I really need a great resource to help me figure out construction and finishing methods since I won't have a commercial guidesheet to rely on. This book will definitely help me with that.

So I'm happy that I took another look at this book and realized how much of an asset it really is to my future designing aspirations. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever given up on something (sewing machine/book/gadget/tool) only to discover later that it was really useful? Do share!!!


  1. Too often Victoria. I also buy books I already own but have forgotten I have LOL's

    1. I'm guilty of that one too, SarahLiz!

    2. O yes... and non of the 'systems' is going to prevent from doing this again and again... ;-)

  2. Oh Sarah - I hear you. I have 'spare' books and magazines . . . . sigh! Anyone want a copy of the current 'Threads' magazine???

    And Victoria - we moved house a couple of weeks ago and whilst packing/unpacking I found some fab-u-lous books that I had forgotten about :) It was like I had just been on a shopping spree!!

  3. I do it with most things in my life, thus... I rarely throw anything away that I once loved, even if at the time I'm indifferent. I end end wearing it again, in some form or another... being a sewer.. I can change bits and bobs!



  4. yes, this is the story of my life with non fiction and reference books. Today as I was straightening the spare room, I saw one of the Alabama Chanin books. I glanced at it when it arrived, and promptly set it aside. It's wonderful! Why do we do this?

  5. I also have this book, and hadn't really looked at it in ages. After reading your post about selling it I thought that might be a good idea, so I took the book off the shelf and decide to have one last look at it before making up my mind. Guess what, just like you I realised there was a considerable amount of useful information and I made up my mind to keep the book and use it more often. Now I am trying to decide whether to hang on to my copy of Susan Khalje's Bridal Couture.

  6. I blame!
      While I have the resource to be a sewer greedy and not wanting to release me of nothing .... I call it "complex dung beetle" to ease my conscience .... lol.

  7. Every time I've given up a book, I've wanted/needed it later on. Just recently, in fact. No more. I will find space and keep the books.

  8. Books are one thing that I don't get rid of. I can go years without looking at some and then one day, I remember something and I am so happy that I have that particular book to refer back to. So happy that you kept it.

  9. A while back, I donated a number of sewing books to the local library. Several months later, I found myself buying two of the books again. Lesson learned. I'll never get rid of another sewing book! :-)

  10. I don't get rid of sewing books because I'm sure that I'd want it the moment after I got rid of it.
    It sounds like a book worth having in my library. Good to know.


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