Friday, April 12, 2013

Sewing Jots and Tittles 4.12.13

Wow, it's been some kind of a week. I've been sewing but I've also had the strongest urge to clean and organize. I started with my sewing room. Then I headed to the garage. Now I'm cleaning and straightening out all of the closets in my house. Spring cleaning is in effect I suppose!!!!! It's so liberating to purge and organize. With that being said I think it's only right that I clean & sweep out the nooks and crannies of my brain as well. This post is a result......

Sewing, Fashion, and Such

And you thought I was joking when I said I take my draping book with me everywhere!!!! Now that's what I call relaxation---getting a pedi and reading a good sewing book!!!

 This is a UFO that I put to the side because I really didn't like the results but LOVED the fabric (a shiny silver/gray/black poly called Ostrich feathers).....

....So I figured out a way to style it so it would be cute. I've gotta finish this and review it!!!

A pile of old ties from Hubby. Will definitely use the interfacing for sewing in jacket sleeves!

Bought these shoes today! They're a bit unusual and I love the wooden heel---gives them a danish feel;)

I was captivated by Mrs. Lincoln's dress in the moving Lincoln! Great movie btw!!!

Silhouette Patterns is running a promotion HERE to celebrate their 16 year Anniversary. You can get one pattern + 1 DVD for $16. That's a steal considering both would cost almost 3X as much. I own majority of her DVD's but am thinking about the new Silhouette man video. I recently bought the Darts & Leather DVD! Both are superb and I need to still review them!!! BTW, Peggy's also doing a webcast on Monday on Pants Fitting (her 3rd one). I'm definitely planning to check this one out to see if I can learn something new!!!


This is just to gross some of you true Southerner's out! Yes, I eat jelly with my yellow corn grits for breakfast!!! GASP--I know you're appalled and disgusted!!! LOL! If it makes you feel better I do make shrimp and grits and obviously forgo the jelly.

Easter meant getting a great deal on cornish hens. You can't beat that price for 4 of them at Sam's.

 I've been in love with my Wee-One's toes since I saw them during our ultrasound. There's just something too cute about kids feet.

 Yes the rumors are true and I've seen it with my own eyes finally. We're getting our very own Whole Food's!!! Can't wait!!!

 Strutting in Mama's boots. That's my girl!!!

I detest gossip mags!!! There's just too many other important things out there to read about!!!

Just got my copy in the mail today! This book is SUPERB!!!! No wonder I couldn't find it for a discount price anywhere. I don't really follow the paleo way of eating but I do appreciate all of the soy/gluten/dairy free/low sugar recipes. And I love that I can finally have great dessert choices!!!

One of the best bumper stickers I've seen! LOL!!!! Oh the time I wished I had duct tape handy! LOL!!!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the great Sillouettes celebration! I just ordered mine!

  2. I love the fabric on your UFO dress, I am glad that you were able to save it. I love grits, especially with cheese. You cannot buy them in London.

  3. Great jots and tittles post Victoria. Wish I had gotten in on the Cornish Hens sale.

  4. Do you have Tammy Credicott's other book? "The Healthy Gluten Free life" it's awesome! I have both and love everything I've made from them.

    -Melissa (a fellow Savannah resident)

  5. Your styling of the UFO is fab! looks great. I eat my grits with cheese, but my BF's husband (from GA) eats his like you do... to each his own! Thanks for the heads-up about the old ties/interfacing,... never thought of that.


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