Thursday, January 24, 2013

Test Driving a Pattern/ VIDEO Review

Ok, so I made this coat Butterick  in December. I made it with the strong suspicion that it wouldn't turn out perfectly. Strong suspicion is putting it lightly. I knew it wasn't going to work out . That's mainly because I KNEW I didn't have the RIGHT fabric to work with. I needed something thicker that would hold it's shape but just couldn't find anything locally.  I knew, I knew, I knew it probably wouldn't work but I did it anyway. And you know what......

I'm so glad I did!!!!!

I'm so glad my sewing has made it past the point of needing to appeal to my ego. Past the point of feeling seriously insecure.

So you ask, "why would you take the time to sew something you weren't sure would work out for you"?

Well my answer to you is.........for.........the........(wait for it, it's coming).........the SHEER EXPERIENCE!!! 

Let me just share some of my insights about Butterick 5822 with you by video.......

Ok, hope that gave you at least a little insight into my thought processes regarding taking on projects. I'm definitely alot more maturer in my sewing. Every failed project isn't a blow to my ego. It's exactly the opposite. Most of the learning we do as sewers is by hands on experience.  Just working up the courage and the nerve to do something despite the outcome is half the battle. Trust me I wasn't always like this. I was always hesitant and overly cautious. I've learned that you usually won't ever really feel ready to take on some sewing projects so it's just best to dive on it. Sometimes we learn as we go. As always one might be surprised by what is learned and how they can use that knowledge to better their work. In light of the upcoming Fearless February Sew-Along and all of your sewing in general----I really wanted to get that message across. So get out there and do some pattern test driving. You'd be surprised at how much you will learn. And remember.....
Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. 
Auguste Rodin 


  1. I enjoyed the vlog. And the jacket looks nice. Without you pointing all the problems out, I would not have been able to notice.

  2. Very nice jacket! Letting go of the ego busting when something doesn't workout, gets you perfectly set to move into one of your goals for the year, draping! I had to give up that ego many years ago to be able to move into creating my own designs too! It is truly freeing!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with this project. I enjoyed seeing how you've had a go at this project and really gotten more out of it than more people would have done. Good on you.

  4. So nice Victoria... Loooove this blog/review!

  5. So much fun to see you animated! I agree, the only way to make progress is to keep tackling things and giving them a try.

  6. Thanks for that point of view. It really help me see sewing "failures" in a different lignt.

  7. Nice vlog review of B5822. I am curious ... do you plan on taking it apart & reusing the fabric for another project? Or could this one be saved by underlining the entire thing in a fabric that would provide more stability for the wool? Or is it already too stretched out to save.

    I have B5822 and plan to make it soon. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Good question Jane. I'm actually just going to scrap it. It's stretched out a bit too much in the shoulders and I'd have to take it apart and cut down the size. I wouldn't mind making this again if I could find the right fabric and would probably add a lining to it as well.

  8. wonderful!
    I enjoyed your review and the jacket looks great, simple design, I know you will wear it alot

  9. Loved watching your video! It was great to actually hear your review and experience... a great change from reading. I'm with you that nothing is a waste of time when we get to learn so many lessons from the experience. Thanks for sharing :)


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