Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sewing Jots and Tittles 1.10.13

This is my first Sewing Jots and Tittles post of the year and my brain already feels like it's spinning out of control. So many things to do, and to see, and to try, etc... I've gotta apply the brakes! LOL!!!!...................

Sewing, Fashions and Such

I want one!!!! I forgot to add this to my Christmas wish list (will go back and do that). This will be great for practicing draping and some pattern drafting!!!

Still brainstorming on how to use this ponte knit! Love the print but it's a bit loud. Wanted leggings but I'm considering a dress.....but I'd settle for a fitted skirt..........hmmm, decisions, decisions!

Yeah, I've got this on the brain......

I was watching Abraham Lincoln..........Vampire slayer (don't you judge me, it was rather entertaining). Anywho, I love reading short bios (aka Wikipedia entries). So I read Abraham Lincoln's, then his wife's, and then ran into Elizabeth Keckley---who I discovered was a close friend of Mrs. Lincoln. And she was a popular seamstress at the time! Impressive!

I entered the Aquafina Project Runway Challenge (see lasts post) but I didn't make the cut! No worries. I was great to enter and I look forward to entering more contests!

Project Runway alum April Johnston is having a Launch Party of her Mangled Courtesan line at a local boutique next week. I'm thinking of going. It would be cool to look at some boutique fashions, maybe take a better picture with APRIL, and get dressed up. If I have babysitting then I'm there!!!


 Yayyyy! Orchids are blooming at work! I swear this is one of the most beautiful flowers!!!!

 Sometimes I look at her and I can already imagine her as a teenager. Trust me I'm not trying to rush into that LOL!!!!!!!!

 The longest strand of hair on my head is gray. Look at the guy. They're just popping up all over---long strands of them. Until recently I didn't know I'd been growing them all these years. LOL!!!

 Family New Year's photo card  "photo shoot"....

 "The Wee-One" making animal shadows during a break.....

.....and play choking Daddy!

A co-worker brought in cookies from Tunisia. What a real treat!

Brined a turkey shortly after Thanksgiving. Instead of trying to find large plastic container I decided to line the refrigerator produce bin with a trash can and use it to "soak" my 15lb turkey. Easy solution......

....and the results were perfect. I'm telling you I've been brining for years (the turkey is super juicy and cooks really fast). I WON'T cook my turkey any other way!!! BTW, for those unfamiliar with brining it's a salt/sugar/herb/seasonings stock you make to soak your turkey in. The turkey becomes infused with flavor and get's tenderized in the process. I use THIS brine recipe and THIS recipe just for roasting (just the roasting instructions, I haven't tried his brine recipe since I like my own). The trick is not to soak your turkey too long or it can become too salty. But if you follow recommendations you should get it right and will LOVE your turkey!!!!!!!

Well that's all for me. Do you have any sewing jots and tittles to report?????


  1. Oh, you are a gorgeous family! And that little girl is growing fast :-)

  2. I had to laugh at your gray hair comment. I JUST had a conversation with my stylist on Tuesday about that. I'm finding all these gray hairs that are full length. Why didn't I notice them when they were growing in? And not just a couple! Where did they come from? I even asked her if your hair could change color (I knew the answer but the grays were freaking me out!) :)

  3. Wow, that turkey sure looks yummy!

  4. What beautiful family photos! Just gorgeous.
    Sorry you didn't make the cut at project runway. You are probably too busy with everything else anyway!

  5. Hahahah oh I had to laugh out loud at that one... oh honey same exact thing happening with my grey hair, it's like all of a sudden they are appearing all over my head I mean what's up with that!! What a beautiful family photo that is, the little one is growing up so fast!

  6. What a beautiful family you have. You are truly blessed. I love the knit fabric and I hope you make a dress with it. I have to google "brining" a turkey, I have no idea what that is!!!! As always, I love your blog. Happy New Year!

    1. Sorry Nothy Lane, I went back and posted my brine and roasting recipes:)

  7. What a handsome family! I actually enjoyed the Vampire Hunter book as well (heard it as an audio book on my Kindle). There is a book called Mrs Lincoln and Mrs Keckley which talks specifically about their relationship, very interesting.

  8. That ponte would make an awesome pencil skirt, Victoria.

  9. I am starting to see some grey hair as well. I am going to go with it too. Not going to color it I have decided.

  10. Very nice family pics. I ended up going to Wikipedia and reading about Madame Keckley and found her story very fascinating. Thanks for sharing.


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