Monday, April 23, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely Denise@ theBlueGardenia, Lynda at Lynda's Sewing and SWAPS and Jennifer @  have nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. You Ladies are so GREAT and I'm especially honored to receive such a nomination from such talented Ladies as yourselves.

The rules are HERE!

I'm having such a hard time nominating just 15 fellow bloggers. So I'd like to nominate EVERYONE on my blog roll. I think they're ALL stellar and super talented!!! You guys inspire and fuel my passion for sewing more than you'll ever know. Also, if you're super talented and not listed on my blog roll please let me know. I'd love to add you:)

As far as 7 things about myself.....well here goes......I'll try not to be redundant and re-post anything from previous awards.

1. I think I just work out at the gym so I can use the Sauna. To me that's the best way to end a workout. Hot steamy air and a magazine. I love to SWEAT!!!

2. I've only broken one bone in my body (knocking on wood). I broke my left big toe last year while roughhousing with my Hubby. I kicked his hand and it broke. What a freak accident!!! That was one of the worst pains I've ever felt. It was then I realized I was married to Superman! LOL!
(My big toe x-ray. You can see the break right at the joint)

3. I walk on my tiptoes!!! Usually when I'm barefoot and around the house. Always have since I was a little girl. Guess that's why walking in heels (without platforms) isn't really a big deal!!!!

4. I took a personality quiz and By Golly Dr. Phil has me pegged perfectly---well the gifted or talented part is questionable---LOL! No seriously, particularly the part about my view on friendship and loyalty. Needless to say I have tons of associates but very few friends. I just take it seriously. My hubby took one and it was dead on the money as well. He's the extrovert with all the personality. I love an accurate quiz!

5. Growing up I was alway interested in the Ocean---obsessed really. You see sewing wasn't my first obsession (wink)!!!! I thought I was going to grow up and become a Malacologist so I could study Octopi---my favorite Ocean creature. They're intelligence is intriguing!!!

6. I often sign emails, cards, & love letters to my husband as "Bob".  It's actually a nickname/ acronym given to me by him which stands for "Butt-On-Back"--a little joke about my high derriere. I'm sure this may be confusing/questionable if someone found the cards, etc and didn't know who "bob" was!!!! LOL!!!

7.  I swear, since having my daughter who's almost 5, my sense of smell is like a Blood Hound. I can pick up the faintest traces of scents. I think it's my new super sense. I smell EVERYTHING!!!! Taking out the garbage--any for that matter is particularly unpleasant!!! LOL!!!

Well that's all about me!!!! Please feel free to share about yourself:)


  1. I seem to have never lost my pregnancy nose, either.

  2. Congratulations on your award and too funny...your Dr. Phil personality quiz results, sound like I took the quiz! (and thank you for my nomination too!)

  3. I'm so sad. I nominated you, too. Pass the Puffs.

  4. SOOOO sorry Denise!!!! I mixed you up with someone else. I added you!!! Thanks for the nomination! *hugs*

  5. Hello Victoria - just happened by your blog and two things in your list made me smile, so I had to comment.
    Your story of breaking your toe roughhousing with your husband, reminds me of exactly the same scenario with my parents when I was a kid. They were joking around, and dad gave mum a kick and broke her thumb!
    My 12 year old daughter's nickname is Bob too. Given to her by our son for no particular reason, but it has really stuck. All her friends call her Bob too. It drives me mad - her real name Amelia is so pretty!
    Thanks for your blog - I've enjoyed checking it out!


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