Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sewing Jots & Tittles 4.17.12

Sewing Jots & Tittles is my weekly post about what's on my mind.
-I'm loving the Jo-Ann's Droid App. It allows you to download store coupons.  I don't even carry my sales ad anymore. I just take my phone to the cash register. This is a MUST if you have a smartphone.

-Can you say Return?
Guess what's going back to the store. Remember I bought these to wear with my Easter dress. Well  these were pretty tought to walk in.  I can do heels but that 1" platform was a bit much.  So they're going back. Now I don't have to feel bad that they also went on sale recently and are $10 less than I paid for them.

-Cynthia Rowley

I'm loving her Spring line of dresses! Like loving them! Only thing is they're too short. I bought a few of these. I'll see if I can add some length to them without taking away from the design.

-More Burda Loot
I caught the Burda sale a few weeks and racked up. I actually went to work late for it---which meant I ended up sitting in the parking lot an hour waiting for them to open. Don't Judge Me!!! LOL! But happy I did. They only had 1 or 2 patterns for each style so in alot of cases I got the only pattern.

-Coveted Top---I want this. I've got to make a few of these for the Summer. I need a pattern. If I don't find one then I'll have to create my own!

-This store window stopped me in my tracks. I'd rock any one of these formal dresses from Cache.

-Too Cute/ Too expensive
Remember I was looking for floral shoes for Easter. Well I saw these CUTE Steve Madden's (the one on left) for I think $78. Too bad the price wasn't cute:(

-I want one!!! Better yet, I want SEVERAL!!! Yay for cumberbund belts!

-Hot Outfit---How could anyone be afraid of bright colors when you have an outfit this cute???!!!!

-Atlanta Thread
Atlanta Thread Supply has now merged with Wawak. Check out their new catalog. http://www.wawak.com/atlantathread/. I love purchasing supplies from here (thread, zippers, etc) and from a quick glance it looks like alot of great new inventory has been added. This means more savings which I always appreciate.

-New "Blush" shoes
I've been wanting nude shoes FOREVER! Well I finally copped some and for a great price. Well they're not exactly nude---they're blush. What the heck, they're close enough LOL! I love these. I feel like Betty Boop in them:)


-Someone's going through a princess/ Barbie phase.....man, that take's me back a bit. Who didn't love Barbie growing up:)

-This past Easter "Full Moon" was huge, wasn't it!!!! It was CRAZY visible during the day!!!

-Indexed Cutting Mats----I WANT one of these!!!!! They're black cutting mats in a holder with tabs to keep all of your cutting items reserved to one mat. I think there was a $40 something price tag on this. I know I can find it cheaper. Let the search begin......

-Easter Family photo---This was a fun shot. I even got to get my Hubby in pink:)

-Fuel for Sewing?!?!
I've kinda been on a chocolate cookie kick. Udi's make's the best gluten free chocolate cookies. I think I've eaten all of these in the last 2 months.  I knew it was bad when I started hiding them in my sewing room away from my  hubby. Time to cut back. Hey at least the containers make great notion holders LOL!

-What? I ran across this crab skeleton the other day while taking my daughter to our local aquarium. I would love to know who named this species of crab. What a sense of humor!


  1. The cutting mats are easy - just use the same rules as restaurants http://culinaryarts.about.com/od/safetysanitation/p/cuttinbrdcolors.htm. There's not really much point for home use though - unless you are at risk of cutting salad leaves on the same board you used for raw poultry.

  2. Beautiful Easter family picture!
    I like the new spring Simplicity patterns too. I'm only 5'6" and I am noticing that everything is a couple of inches too short for me; so if you are tall it must be scandalous!

  3. I don't want to take the fun out of creating your own pattern for that top but BurdaStyle has a similar pattern for free.
    There's even one with a bow!

  4. I agree that Cynthia Rowley's line of spring dresses is adorable, but too short for me as well. And my daughter (she's almost 3) is going through a Barbie/princess phase too! She's always been a little diva, though!

  5. Your "coveted top"? I had that pattern in my etsy shop, and it has sold, but I did trace it if you can't find another one. This is the pattern (Simplicity 6358): http://www.etsy.com/transaction/77003503

  6. That top is also OOP Vogue 8032. A great pattern if you can find one. It has ties in the back though, but you could definitely leave them off.

  7. Great Easter picture of your family! Love all of your outfits! BTW...that looks like a "Betty Boop" pose too! LOL! Nice shoes too!


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