Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sewing Jots & Tittles 4.29.12

"Sewing Jots & Tittles" is my weekly post where I get to ramble on and on about sewing related stuff that's been on my mind. Here what's been bouncing off the wall of my mind.....

-I have 2 projects near completion. They were 2 tops that were super easy to put together. Only thing holding up the progress is my decision on how I'll bind the necklines. I hate when one decision halts progress:(

-I am SO obsessed with this pattern---view A specifically! I know it sorta has sleeves and it's already 80 degrees here but I will still rock this!!! I have the cutest fabric picked out for it!!! It's next on the sew list.

-Recent fabric purchases. I really love these!!!! My little splurges!!!

-I've been watching "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" and I'm intrigued with the over the top wedding gowns. Most can't be purchased so they bring in the likes of Thelma Madine who is the popular dressmaker often featured on the show. I'd love to sew an over the top wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses!!!
(Here's an example of some of the "creative" dresses)

-Long distance service: I won't just trust anyone to service my Husky Viking Serger. I either take it to Tallahasse or Florida for service, 5 and 7 hours away respectively. I have family in both locations. But I need to find someone closer. Any suggestions?

-DVD on the way:. I ordered a Silhouette Patterns DVD---Tissues Issues Made EZ when it was on pre-sale. I own several of Peggy Sagers videos. Can't wait to get it. I love dvd's especially since I sew for clients. It's important for me to understand fitting issues other than my own.

-My 2nd version of my Custom Dressform should be coming this week. Can wait until it gets here!!!

-Fabric store snooping: In the next few months I have to visit Tennessee (to help family move) and Atlanta (for a wedding). I'm going to get started tracking down fabric stores now. The last time I was in Atlanta I didn't really visit too many fabric stores but I'll make up for it on this future trip.

-If I weren't so shortwaisted I'd make this Burda skirt. I love it but it just won't work on my figure!!!

-Had a fun hangout with my daughter and my PATTERNS! They go with me everywhere! LOL!

-Pattern Giveaway Follow-up:
The Lovely Kimberly won a little girl's dress pattern (NewLook 6881) from one of my giveaway's and actually sewed it up. It's just gorgeous!!! She did a phenomenal job!!! Check it out at her blog

-Why did I try to wear THIS dress to church today and FORGOT how to tie it!?!?!?! I'm gonna have to consult the pattern again!!!!


-Yeah right, I doubt growing your own blueberries is that easy. Or is it? Wish it was that easy for me to grow things. Unless it's container gardening count me out!!!! I think Mother Nature has it out for me.

-Had my hubby pick up cheese for mac-n-cheese. Forgot he was riding the motorcycle and it was so hot outside. He nearly melted the cheese into one big clump. Next time I'll send him with an ice pack! LOL!

-I used to be obsessed with finger nail polish in college. My interest kinda fizzled for a few years but now it's back. I have a ton of colors from earlier years but picked up this one ---Sally Hansen's Insta Dri in Slick Slate. I LOVE the color. 

(I need to redo my mani so here's a photo from

-Who would do this to themself? Seriously, double bows?!?!? These have to be some of the worst shoes!!! Wish there was something nice I could say about them.

This is what's been on my mind, what's been on yours?????


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  2. Hi Victoria, I visit your blog nearly everyday please add Red'sThreads at to your blog roll
    Thanks, Belinda.

  3. Love your post! I'm finding myself getting more into nail polish also.

  4. I love your jots and tittles posts - a peek in your thoughts. Fun!

  5. Gail K. Fabrics, Inc.
    2216 Cheshire Bridge Road NE
    Atlanta, GA 30324-4235
    Phone: 404-982-0366

    Great fabric, high prices.... Oh well, can't have the thunder without the rain.....

    1. Hey SLSPE, I'll definitely check it out this time. I've heard rave reviews about the store.

  6. I just had to LOL seeing your patterns on the table. I too go everywhere with my current pattern obsessions. You never know when you'll have a moment to look over them and imagine the possibilities.

  7. I JUST discovered Peggy Sagers, webcasts! What a treasure for the sewist!

  8. Victoria, what is the pattern number for the Burda high waist skirt? I love your blog! Your sewing is beautiful!

    1. Hey bpatricia74, the pattern number is 7215:) And thanks for following along with me, and the compliment;)


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