Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sewing Jots & Tittles 7.6.11---Orlando Edition

I made it back from Orlando and am trying to play catch up. Hubby & I dropped the "Wee-One" off with Grandma & Pa-Pa (she'll be staying with them for 11 days) and hung out for a few days in Orlando. Trust me when Grandma and Pa-Pa showed up, she was no longer my child anyway! LOL! You know what I mean! Gotta love the Grandparents:)

Anywho, I'm so behind on posting and sewing and will be definitely making several posts this week. I miss my little one but while she's away having fun with my In-Law's I can do alot of sewing---but I'll post about that later this week.

Here's some highlights from my quick weekend trip:

-We got to hang out Universal Studio's and Islands of Adventures and it's amazing all the different types of clothing I saw from a variety of people from various countries. I got a little inspiration and did some rough sketches (emphasizing the word rough) of outfits I wanted.  I couldn't find paper so the hotel stationary did the trick. You'll see some of these in my sewing plans later this week:)

I also saw a few dresses for sale within the parks that definitely tickled my fancy. I love maxi and strapless dresses in the summer time. Especially in loud and bold prints!!!

-I went to only one Jo-Ann. I know, I didn't go to all of the sewing stores in a 20 mile radius but I tried not to make this trip all about me LOL! But I have to admit it was the most pitiful thing. They hardly had anything. It was the sadest Jo-Ann's. This is all I left with. Upper left fabric is a cotton with great colors and the red and white palms are a cotton twill I think. Below are a few patterns I took interest in.

Mind you, I don't shop for fabrics all that much any more, but I love the thought of visiting a new Jo-Ann's and finding fabrics I hadn't seen at my local store. Not really the case here:(

-I hit the "mother lode" actually when we were leaving Orlando and stopped off in another city to grab a bite to eat. I hadn't shopped my entire trip--with the exception of food. I ran across a Beall's Outlet Clearance center. The building was almost empty except for a few racks of clothes that were drastically discounted. I got 10 pieces of clothes for like $37. It was crazy!!! Several cowl neck knit blouses for $2.40 ea. Two bathing suits (right) regularly $94 were marked down to $6. I sew my own bathing suits but will gladly buy cute one's at that price.

I also picked up a couple of novelty t-shirts and some brown capri's and striped top. The necklace was a cute bonus too. God blessed me to find some really great bargains and I'm always happy for that!!!!

I thought I'd try out another Beall's outlet across the street and picked up a few pieces of jewelry from there...
I love pretty medallions!!!

A fun highlight of the trip was I got to visit Joe's Crab Shack with a few family member who were also in town. What a fun and lively place. It was interesting to watch the servers stop what they were doing like every 15 minutes and dance to music. I haven't seen that many people dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in a while! LOL!We don't have one in Savannah so it was fun and the food was awesome. I loved the dungeness crab!!! Yum!
  I received a special bib for ordering one of the Crab steam pots.......

Hope you enjoyed your July 4th weekend!!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I love both of the fabrics you picked up. I have not seen either of those at my local Jo-Ann's.

  2. Glad you had a great time in Orlando! Can't wait to see what it inspires you to make.

  3. Looks like you enjoyed your time in Orlando! Joe's Crab shack is one of my favorite restaurants!!

    Can't wait to see some of your designs!

  4. Ooooh, I've never eaten at Joe's Crab Shack so must ut that on my to do list. And yes, isn't Beall's Outlet center pretty amazing, especially before or after the Florida high season. Lots of inventory at reduced prices, what's not to love. Now I'm eager to see how those Orlando designs inspire you.

  5. Glad you had a great trip.... Looking forward to seeing your designs...

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time, glad you did!

  7. Looks like you had a great time. I can't wait to see what becomes of the red and white print fabric.

  8. Girl, You did hit the mother lode. I like your haul.

  9. It was a bargain extravaganza! How fun!

  10. Glad you had an awesome time and also looking forward to your 11 days sewing vacation... oops I mean some sewing while you princess is away...lol


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