Monday, July 11, 2011

May /June 2011: 10,000 Sewing Hours Challenge Review &July/ Aug: 10,000 Hr. Challenge Goals

First of all, thanks so much for all of your nice comments about my Tracy Reese dress. You Guys are always so kind:)

I'm still trying to catch up on posts and although we're 11 days into the month and I've been working on my sewing challenges for the month. If you're new to my blog, you can see my 10,000 Sewing hours challenge outlined on the right side of my blog.  Before I get into July & August's sewing details  those here's a quick recap of my May and June sewing.
To be quite honest May and June were horrible sewing months for me. I ended up sewing 2 pieces---only 2---but they were 2 of my favorites....
 (McCalls 6380)

(Butterick 5600)

.... My normal monthly plan is around 6-8 pieces!  I even had 2 garments cut out and ready to be sewn but I just didn't get around to it and I did have 1 wadder (those white pants). BUT.... I spent alot of time doing sewing related activities. I discovered my style and created a Style Look Book which was a great turning point in helping me get focused on the type of sewing I need and prefer to do. So although May & June didn't produce more than a couple of garments it's given me the energy to be agressive with my July & August's sewing goals.

So for July and August here's a few sewing ideas that I've had in mind and have already began sewing up. I have to run out for a party so I don't have time to expound on the designs but you can see the pattern matched up with the fabrics I plan to use. This isn't the entire 2 months sewing plan but enough ideas to get me started.

I'm pretty excited that I've already completed 2 garments (the Tracy Reese dress from yesterday and another Jumpsuit in gray (I'll post pics soon). You see one slow couple of months really kicks me back into action. Before I leave town this week I plan to have 2 more pieces sewn up.  So that means I would've essentially sewn up 4 items in a little over a week. Again my "Wee-One" has been away at Grandma & Papa's house so I've been really able to compound some sewing hours and catch up!!!

Well I've got to run off to the party. I'm wearing my newly sewn gray jumpsuit so I get to be cute tonight (smile). Happy sewing.....


  1. So fun! You are really fast at sewing, but you complain about the lack of time, I know ... I feel the same ... but it's good to channel the energies in the seam that is also a very productive hobby and full of satisfactions. I hope you have many compliments and have a good time at the party.

  2. Great line up of fabric and patterns. Have a great time at the party.

  3. Wonderful garments you have made and you have planned.

  4. You've made beautiful pieces and we forget's "quality not quantity" when it comes to our sewing hobby! You've sewn beautiful pieces and it keeps everyone coming back to your blog like me!!! (it's truly not the amount!) I've not been as good as you at posting some of my pieces!! (that's my issue!)

    Can't wait to see your up coming pieces!!


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