Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sewing Vicariously......

What do you do when you want to SEW SOOOOO VERY bad but you can't? Well you watch others do it!!!!

I'm going out of town to visit Orlando, Fl for a few days and will have fun watching these DVD's (in addition to hunting down fabric stores (wink)). You can never get enough of Project Runway re-run's. BTW, the new Project Runway Season 9 (has it really been 9 seasons, that's crazy!!!)...anywho it debuts July 28th, 9pm on Lifetime!!!! Can't wait!!!!


  1. Suh-weet! PR #9 here we come.

  2. I never knew that program was available on DVD!!!
    It hasn't aired in Scandinavia so I've only heard about it. Off to check it out...
    Enjoy your trip and the fabric shopping :D

  3. My husband just shakes his head when I watch the reruns. LOL You never know when an episode will give you some inspiration! I just love to watch the process of design on paper to design on the runway. It's simply fascinating. Have a fun trip and Happy Friday! ☺

  4. Thanks for the update on PR, I was wondering when it would air.
    And I could endlessly watch reruns of that show (well in fact I have)

  5. I love project runway... Great source of inspiration especially when my sewing mojo goes missing. :)

  6. Victoria, you're only going to be 2 hrs from me here in Tampa! I wish we could connect for some "fabric store hunting" in Orlando!! That would have be too much fun! However, we're going out of town for a couple of weeks, darn, darn, darn!!! Next time you're anywhere near Tampa, please let me know so we can connect!! I too have been watching Project Runway reruns and can't wait for the new season! Thanks for the headsup and good luck with your search!

  7. Bon voyage! Back soon with renewed strength, please!

  8. Enjoy your trip and enjoy the shows. You'll come back inspired and ready to sew.

    Tuesday's post, a dialect/accent vlog I made so my readers can hear what I sound like, complete with bloopers at the end.

  9. How do I can live without Project Runway ???????


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