Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jan / Feb 2011: 10,000 Sewing Hours Challenge Review & March/ April: 10,000 Hr. Challenge Goals

This review of my sewing activities is SO overdue. To sum up January & February very simply, they were the bests months for Client work and the worst for personal sewing. In all I made 3 1/2 pieces when I usually do 6-8 pieces. I made this outfit, this dress and still need to finish this coat. But all in all, I'm not complaining too much. I enjoyed my client work and of course if funds materials and supplies I use in my sewing. I recently bought some great new sewing books & a DVD (courtesy of my Client work) which I'll review in a separate post.

So although I didn't do alot of sewing for myself, I did get to log a good bit of sewing hours. I've updated them on the right side of my blog. But I vowed to participate in the Jacket a Month Sew-Along and I'm so behind. I have no doubt that I will be able to catch up though.

I've already started March off well, I think. I made 2 Father/Daughter dresses. I've switched over to Spring sewing since we've had non stop temperatures in the 70's & 80's. I'm currently working on Simplicity 2443. I'm working on the dress in this fabric. It's a pretty loud print but I love the 2 shades of pink, gray, and black.

I'm a little nervous since I'm short waisted and I'm always nervous at making dresses with high waist lines. I plan to make the jacket in the next week or so in gray cotton sateen. I'm still very much on my "gray kick".

I also need to make my April 2nd Gala dress. I need to get to work on it asap. I already feel like time's a wasting. I'll be sure to start on my muslin on tomorrow.

These projects should keep me busy through March. I haven't completely decided what I wanted to sew for April so that will remain a surprise for now. I know I need to get to thinking about me and my daughter's Easter outfits in addition to some capris and some cute tops. I'll definitely keep you posted.

Gotta go finish up my dress and head out to find some silver heels, accessories, & clutch to wear with my Gala dress. You think finding silver heel would be easy but I'm going for some really glamorous one's so I'm being a bit picky. I'm looking on line and in stores. I'll stumble upon some soon, I'm sure.

Have a Great day!!!!!


  1. It all sounds good, but of course, I cannot wait to see your Gala Dress!

  2. So I'm curious about something.. How quickly were you thinking you were going to get these 10,000 hours done? Because I calculated that it'd take about 3 years of 8h days, no holidays or vacations. I'm wondering if that's what you're contemplating, or whether you had something slower in mind? Might be more pleasant not to be quite so.. gung ho :-).

  3. Marie-Christine, my goal is to do 1000 hours a year which is pretty reasonable for me. You can see this on the right side of my blog. I work full time, run a business on the side in addition to other activities and more importantly I'm a Wife and Mom. So trust me I'm no where near "gung ho" (smile). Just a seamstress trying to get better at my craft one hour at a time and one crazy enough to make long term commitments (wink)!

  4. Great plans! I see Simplicity 2443 popping up a lot lately (including my own stash). I look forward to seeing your dress and jacket!!!

  5. I've got plans for Simplicity 2443 too. And a dress made out of some lovely knit fabric I won from a lovely giveaway.....

  6. I have a blog award for you posted on my blog. Accept only if you have time to participate.

  7. I'm also going to make up the jacket in simplicity 2443. Can't wait to see yours.

  8. Despite the enormous drain on your time, you've managed to get quite a bit done so far this year! I can't wait to see your Cynthia Rowley (Simplicity 2443) I have this in my lineup too and really want to know how it sews up for you.

    Can't wait to see your Gala dress too! By the way...have you tried Zappos online? They have tons of shoes and easy no shipping cost returns!

  9. Hey Victoria, you did seem like quite a busy woman :-), that's why I was puzzled. I don't even have the kids and while I fantasize about a full day of sewing a week, I'm lucky if I squeeze in a few hours a week. On a roll, I can crank out one item a week, most of the time I do closer to one thing a month, without feeling oppressed.
    But let me point out that 1000h/year is still 125 full days, about 1/3 of the year. One hour a day every day would only be 365 hours, about a third of that, and if you threw in 52 weeks of 8h Sundays say, that'd still only come in under 800h total. No days off, no vacations :-).
    I think that's what the 10,000 hours really refers to - lots of time, like your whole life, at that scale it's not really a project any more. Which doesn't mean you can't enjoy it, not at all, but that tallying hours becomes meaningless. Sewing can just become part of your life, like doing the grocery shopping, only much more pleasant and creative. I think injecting some zen detachment about goals wouldn't be a bad idea, since if sewing becomes another job it's not likely that you'll put up with long-term stress on that level. Do you see what I mean? You're really productive, which is nice, but you should also be forgiving if you let that slip occasionally..

  10. Hey Marie-Christine thanks for sharing your opinion. Well I guess one things true---you and I are two different people who just do things differently (smile). Nothing wrong with that--"Variety is the spice of life", right? I LOVE the idea of having a sewing challenge and I LOVE structure---I'm very disciplined like that. That may seem daunting for some but not for me. Devoting 2.7 hr a day to (sewing or sewing related activities) isn't too tough for me. So I'm not always sitting in front of my machine--I'm reading blogs, fabric shopping, going on vacation & finding fabric stores, etc.) There's no real stress involved (unless I procrastinate on a deadline LOL!) and I often fall short of my goals (notice Jan & Feb sewing hours LOL!) but at least I have goals. I outlined all of this in my First few blog posts so you should check it out. Trust me Motherhood is a WAY more stressful job then my challenge..... but it's even more rewarding LOL!!!!


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