Monday, March 21, 2011

Sewing Jots & Tittles 3.21.11

Ok, as you know "Sewing Jots & Tittles" is my weekly post where I get to ramble on and on about sewing related stuff that's been on my mind. Here's what I've been thinking.

-I'm sewing the bodice and back band on Simplicity 2443 dress and I just have to hem it and I'm done! I have to admit that it turned out really pretty and I just can't wait to wear it next week. I'm trying to see if I can crank the jacket out by this weekend as well. But I have a gown to sew so I don't know.
(Just a sneak peek of the straps I finished on the dress)

-I'm in the "Crazy Sewing Frenzy" mode since it just dawned on my that the April 2nd Gala is next Saturday. I knew that but it really hit me HARD today. So I've cut out my muslin of Simplicity 2253 and will be doing a fitting on tomorrow. I hope to be cutting into the actual fabric no later than Wednesday or Thursday. And yes, I will work tirelessly through the weekend. I don't want any last minute sewing with this.

-I'm still on the hunt for accessories for my April 2nd Gala dress. While looking on Zappos I ran across this clutch. I promise you it's the clutch of my dreams and just what I imagined for my dress.

See what I mean. The only problem is that it's by Giuseppe Zanotti and is $1535. Anyone feeling REALLY generous! LOL! So needless to say that's out of the question. But I did manage to stumble across another beauty while I was at the Hilton Head outlets this weekend. You might recall that I had a list of possible clutches that I wanted HERE. Well while at a Claire's jewelry store, yeah Claire's, not a place I frequent I ran into this Clutch on clearance. Here it is against my dress fabric.

Hey the one I saw on was over $20 and this one was on clearance for $9 which was a steal. I was pretty excited th at I found a heart shaped clutch----I always wanted one--- (blowing kisses to God). Although it doesn't have that ultra dramatic effect of the aforementioned clutch will work just fine for the occasion. The only thing would be I'd have to change the strap. I need to switch out the basic chain for something fancier.

-While at the same outlets I went into the Wilson's Leather store to look around and found some great jackets.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the white jacket with the ruffles on the upper left. I promise you that one day I will make that for myself. It's in some twill like fabric. I also saw this cutie.
The peach colored leather jacket with the ruffles is too cute. BTW, aren't those leather handbags HOT!!!

-Meet my 2 best friends. It seems I have a HUGE love affair with hand sewing and I love cotton basting thread and large eye needles.  I bought the needles and thread from Atlanta Thread supply.
Claire Shaeffer and the lovely Tany are mainly responsible for my new obsession. I bought Claire's DVD (it cover alot on hand sewing (stitches, techniques, etc.) and of course for those of you who know and love Tany, you know that she is an avid handsewer and uses it to give her custom sewn coats & jackets a professional look. I love the control I'm able to have when I hand sew and it's an extra effort that's well worth the results!!!

I'm in love with Skechers. Here's the newest member to my family.
I work in a Research science lab during the day so I need shoes that are protective but I don't want to wear the classic sneakers with socks. These are a more stylish version. I have Skechers like this in tan, black, brown, etc. I even have some that are a little more dressy. But I was missing gray and was glad to scoop these up. Although I can't wear my sexy heels day in and day out, it's nice to know that I can at least have a little style with cute shoes, capris, and cute tops.

- Jo-Ann's Fabrics just emailed me a 25% off (sales & regular items) coupon on today for use this weekend. I get so many coupons that I barely even use them all. Besides, my sewing room is pretty stocked up right now. But I was looking for something I could save SIGNIFICANTLY on and it turns that Olfa Rotary cutter & supplies will be 40% off this weekend.

I need some new replacement blades for my 45" cutter and they are on sale at $19.19 (regularly $31.99). And I can take an additional 25% off of the lowest price which will bring them down to $14.40---what a steal and $17 saving off the regular price. Hey for that price I might as well buy 2 packs. So check you inbox and see if you received that coupon. You might be able to put it to good use too.

Ok, enough with my rambling. I hope everything is alright with you and yours! Gotta get back to sewing this gown.....


  1. I like the clutch. It is really going to set off the dress!

  2. That is an awesome deal on the Olfa blades. I pay a fortune for them here in the UK.

  3. That clutch is cute! And I love that price.

  4. I like this new feature on your blog. Can't wait to see your dress(es). I can't remember the last time I've been in Wilson's. They've changed some. Like the Sketchers too!

  5. Love this posts. Some many good thoughts. Wondering if you've ever bought the rotary blade sharpener. Contemplating whether to plunk down the cash though I have a coupon.

  6. Hey Dei,
    You know I actually have the Dritz brand blade sharpener (is there a better one?). I took it out of the pack last weekend to use it and got impatient. I'll be sure to give it a try before I open up any new packs of blades. Why not try and get a little "extra life" on those used blades!

  7. Love the "tittles". Window shopping is my favorite thing to do, and just like you I love when I can leave with a little something for a steal!

  8. I also love that white ruffled jacket and think it would look fantastic on you!

  9. I know that Clotilde carries an orbital blade sharpener.

    I'm not sure if it works better than the Dritz. I have a Dritz sharpener too, and it seems to only take out dings enough to yield the blades good enough for paper cutting.

    I'll have to check out my coupons--that's a smoking deal! Thanks for the alert.

  10. Really cute clutch Victoria. I can't wait to see your completed dress! Both the current one you're working on and your gala dress! I know you will get it all done in more than enough're that good!


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