Thursday, March 17, 2011

And so I began to Wonder.......

I was cutting out a dress today and my "Wee-One" woke up from a nap and decided to join me in my sewing room. I had my back to her at the cutting table but when I turned around I saw this and had to grab my camera.

She was standing on a step stool (yes in her undies) swiping sewing books from my library. I have to admit for a moment I wanted to have the usual Mom response of telling her to get off the stool for the sake of safety. Furthermore, those are my sacred sewing books and no one, not even my precious "Wee-One" should be handling them (in the end of course she got to play with them as long as she promised to be careful).    But for some reason I was a little awe struck at the sight of her handling my sewing books.....and my mind began to wander........and I began to wonder......
I wonder if she will grow up to sew one day

I wonder if she will be as obsessed about it as I am
I wonder when I will give her her first lesson

If she sews, I wonder if she will use my sewing books which will be considered "retro" once she's grown.

I wonder if  she will sew her prom dress or will I

I wonder will she always hang out with me in my sewing room like she does now

I wonder if I'll still be sewing 10-20 years from now

I wonder how good I will be

I wonder if I'll ever use down my stash

I wonder if I will fulfill my dream of having a small shop and doing custom dressmaking for special clients

I wonder if I'll fulfill my other dream of teaching sewing

I wonder will I get over my disdain for hooks and eyes

I wonder if I'll ever learn to tailor a Man's suit

I wonder. I wonder. I wonder.

Whether my "Wee-One" sews or not or  I fulfill my personal goals, there's nothing like the present that motivates you to wonder or even dare to dream about the future. Remember, the Wright brothers could "see themselves flying" in their minds long before that actually ventured to do so.  I feel a strong sense of possibility and opportunities. You never know what can happen.  Sigh.......well let me get back to sewing, I'd like to have this dress made in time for church on Sunday. I'll keep right on sewing until my next "time of wonder" besides that's what really keeps me going after-all.......

When it comes to your the future what do you find yourself wondering about?


  1. In life, there is a lot of ' I wonder' moments... Just like you I live in the present and that really motivates me! Very nice to see that your daughter has interests in your sewing books. I wish my mum was into sewing.. Would have been so much fun. She was into cooking so at least I picked that up!

  2. I always wanted to sew, but My mom didn't. I did pick up her love for cooking. I always find myself in a constant state of "WONDER" which reminds me of a line from the show, Designing Women --- "You think too much!" LOL!

  3. Hey 10,000. Your thoughts made me think of a poem by an unknown author that's been on my mind for several days now. I use to love poetry, especially poems on a positive note like the one here called "Keep Dreaming". See what you think about it:

  4. Wow, Faye, what an absolutely beautiful poem! I'm going to have to print in and post in my home. Such profound truths!

  5. That is so precious. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

  6. Great post! And your baby is the cutest! I wonder if there's ever a day I'll be able to look at something and know exactly how to reproduce it without any concerns that I'll be able to do it. To know the techniques, the methods, the draping. I have to keep striving.

  7. Your daughter is so cute. She looks a lot like you too! I'd say from looking at her in your sewing room, that she is curious about sewing and will one day want to sew like her Mom!

  8. I wonder if I will continue with my shop on Etsy forever. I wonder if I will eventually open my own boutique shop someday. I wonder...and pray...that I can finally go to design school in the Fall once we move to Mass. :) your entry and lil one is a doll!

  9. That adorable little girl and thought of the mother as well, Your girl is lovely! Let's give she welcome to the club of sewers

  10. those are some really great pics.

  11. A moment to cherish and wonder! Great post!

  12. I to have a daughter and wonders if she'll every pick up the joy of sewing. I am still hoping even though she is soon to be 16 and doesnt even remotely have an interest. But she hangs out with me in my sewing room and watches movies with me while I sew!! I also get her opinions on every item. So I treasure this and still hope that one day she will be interested or maybe I'll have a granddaughter who will. In the meantime I have sewn her 8th grade formal, her homecoming dance dress. Cant wait for the Junior & Senior Proms. LOL! Oh BTW your daughter is the cutest!!!!

  13. That is so cute! I wonder what SHE was dreaming about!

  14. Your wee-one is soooo cute and I agree with Tricia that she looks a lot like you. It's my guess that she'll want to sew, just like her mommy!!

    In answer to your question...I wonder if I'll ever be able to complete more than two garments in a week at the rate I'm going!!!

  15. So sweet! My daughter is 9 and when she was 8 she asked for a sewing machine so she could "sew like mommy". Well, she became very frustrated with that crappy kiddie sewing machine and started piecing pieces of fabric together and draping them and knotting them on her dolls. When I mentioned we should get her another, better machine, she said, "mom, I just don't think I'm very artist like you". I assured her that it takes along time to learn and that I learned from years of mistakes. She seemed to feel better but still says "maybe next Xmas" when I ask about buying another one. LOL

  16. She was focused on which one she wanted and went for it...Purposed! :)

  17. My daughter is not interested at all in sewing. I wonder if this will change one day....Oh how I hope it will. That is an adorable photo and I love your thoughts that followed.


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