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10,000 Hours of Sewing Challenge: 2010 A Year in Review

This has been a great year indeed!!!! This is actually my favorite part of the year. Oh how I love to look back and reflect on all that I've sewn up and all that I've learned in the process. Of course you know that the premise for my blog is to ultimately log 10,000 Hours of Sewing (including sewing related activities) over the next several years (see my sidebar for details). I'm pleased to announce that I did indeed meet my goal of 1000 hours of sewing for the year by logging 1006 hours. Thank You Jesus! Boy I was cutting it close but with roughly 2 weeks off from work I was able to rack up the remaining hours I needed. So let me stop for a moment to celebrate---YAY!!!!---because as we know it's not easy to be disciplined. I'm happy I was able to reach my goal! Now just 6,000 more to go......

So the total of garments I made for the year were as follows:

Dresses    13
Skirts        1 (Burda skirt I still need to photograph and review)
Pants         4
Tops         11
Bathing suits      2
Client Sewing    2
Gifts for others   2
Wadders 6

So I made a total of 35 items this year (wadders not included of course). I understand what you mean Tasia, I thought I'd sewn up much more too! LOL! But it's all good and I've had fun doing so.

Now on to my favorite picks for the year:
My favorites were....

 Butterick 5562---The top I just reviewed on yesterday.....


Vogue 8593---made 3 versions (only 2 pictured)

Simplicity 3503--made 2 versions (only 1 pictured)

Butterick 5212---The Greek Goddess dress

Vogue 1020---made 3 versions of this dress (only 2 pictured here)

Jalie 2909---my First pair of pants!

Simplicity 3867---made 3 versions of this top (only 2 pictured here).

Burda 7549

Kwik Sew 3503---made my First swimsuit--2 versions (only one pictured here)
As you can tell I love to sew multiples versions of a great pattern!

My Biggest Flop for the Year.....

  My Brown corduroy jacket. I spent 2 weeks on making this (several of those days were spent on research). I stupidly only tissue fitted the pattern and should have done a muslin and of course measured more carefully. It turns out that I didn't properly alter for my narrow back---the problem is I didn't alter at all. With everything cut up and mostly sewn it's kinda difficult to go back and correct a narrow back. I refuse to wear anything ill-fitting. Besides, I don't feel like ripping out all those seams. So I'll have to scrap this one which is so hard to do! I'm not one to admit defeat especially with such a stupid mistake. But they happen. Fortunately I have enough corduroy and lining remaining and will remake it hopefully in the near future. Besides I learned some pretty interesting things from researching this project and will share them in a future post.

The Highlights of the Year were:

1. I organized my patterns and created a great Pattern Filing System
2. I made my first bathing suit--twice!
3. I sewed my first pair of pants. I have no idea why I didn't make more than one.
4. I celebrated my First Blogoversary and hosted a FUN giveaway!
5. I bought a 70"X35" Olfa rotary cutter mat and became a huge fan of rotary cutters.
6. I got several things on my Christmas wish list: blind hemmer, Threads DVD Rom, Steam iron.
7. I worked on making the essentials for my wardrobe and bought some needed wardrobe accessories.

Plans for 2011

1. To sew a jacket---dressy and casual.
2. Finish making the essentials for my wardrobe: LBD, black skirt, white shirt, cardigans etc.
3. Find a velva board/ needle board (nicely priced) so I can sew with corduroy. Using a rolled up terry towel worked but there's nothing like having a specific tool for the job. I've got to make another brown corduroy jacket.
4. Get some clothing labels made. I've been waiting to develop a logo for my business but I can't wait anymore. For the life of me if I make one more garment without a label I'll scream.
5. Do more client alterations. Hey I'm trying to rack up some business/money this year!
6. Buy less fabric! Ok, I know you've heard this promise before and are rolling your eyeballs but I mean it. I'm trying to actually save up some money this year and purchase something big---like a coverstitch machine.
7.Buy a coverstitch machine. Let's face it---knits are mostly what I sew. And it's time consuming to convert my serger to a coverstitch and back. It'd be easier to have a separate machine. I will save up for one myself:)
8. Buy a custom dress from from Andy's Dressforms. Amanda is there anyway I could contact you with questions about this?  I have the smallest back in the world and need to get a custom form to help me fit it.
 9. and of course..... Rack up another 1000 sewing hours!!!!!

Well that's it for now. I'm going to take the next week off to get focused for the New Year! Like most of you I'm still wondering what happened to 2010. It blew by so fast. When I get back I'll reveal my 10,000 Hours of Sewing challenge goals for January & February.

Thanks as always for following along with my zany sewing adventures! I can't express how much interacting with you guys over the last year has meant! I want to wish You and Yours a very Happy New Years! Take Care and God Bless:) See you in a week......


  1. 2010 was a great year for you, you've made so many amazing garments! Hope 2011 is even better!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Tany, if I can get up to your level of sewing that would be awesome! I'm working on it! Thanks for the well wishes:)

  3. Happy New Year to you! I know, it's funny to add up the total and think, that's all I did? A thousand hours is definitely an accomplishment to be proud of, congrats to you! You've mastered sewing with knits with style. I'm interested in seeing what the custom dressform is like - are you a little afraid of gaining or losing weight though, once you commit to the custom dress form?
    Anyways.. all the best for a fabulous 2011!

  4. Good question Tasia! I've about that believe it or not. I'm trying to get in shape now before I actually do it. But In my case it's not likely to happen drastically ---unless I get pregnant again and of course I have a couple of decades before the threat of the middle age spread. LOL! No seriously, I really want the dressform for my small back measurements (14" X 14"). If I fluctuate some in any of the other measurements (waist, hips, etc) I can easily adjust for that. I just can't stand the thought of looking over my shoulder in the mirror to see my back adjustments. It would be so much easier to work from an actual form.

  5. Isn't it fun to look back? I think my favorite is your green maxi dress!

    Happy New Year!

  6. You had a wonderful year! I'm sure that 2011 will bring you many more sewing successes!

  7. HI Victoria, I wish you a very Happy 2011. You have accomplished a lot of sewing in 2010. Very inspirational and I always look forward to reading your posts. Even though my sewing is on hiatus for now, I am looking forward to get back on track. Hoping to sew up something for Spring and Summer. You are very talented, that's for sure!

  8. You had a great 2010. Happy 2011!

  9. You had a great sewing year! I can't wait to see what you come up with for next year! Happy 2011!

  10. You've done good, Girl - Real Good!! I cannot pick a favorite. I always enjoy your blog and seeing what you make. Happy New Year to you.

  11. Hi Victoria,
    I've just found your website and have spent some time reading and looking back through your older posts. Wow!! You've sewn some absolutely lovely things and I admire your dedication - so very inspiring. Your traffic feed widget is cute-but it's got me coming from Churchill Queensland - way out - I'm from Churchill in Victoria!
    All the best for 2011 and your continuation in your 10000 hours of sewing challenge.
    Regards. Jenny

  12. What a prolific year! You must have racked up a lot of hours. Can't wait to see what you sew next. Happy 2011!

  13. Amazing achievements. Wonderful plans. Can't wait to see what you create in 2011!

  14. You made some really great things this year! Email me at justinsbride at hotmail dot com for questions about the dressform. You just reminded me that I was suppose to do a post about my experience.

  15. You are a rock star! Look at all you've accomplished. Bet next year will be just as great!

  16. You have had a wonderfully productive sewing year. You have made so many beautiful garments - it must have been hard to pick your favourites. I wish you a very happy and succesful new year.

  17. Great accomplishments Victoria!! You speak about getting to someone else's level of sewing, that's my goal for 2011 reach the levels of sewing you did in 2010!! Thamks for the picture of you in your most recent top, it is as nice as I thought it would be! Happy New Year and Good Luck on your sewing goals for 2011!!!

  18. I LOVE the new top. And I continue to be so impressed by the bathing suits. Don't worry about the jacket. I have put so much time into some things that just don't work. And then (eventually) I move on and forget about them :-)

    I'm sure that 2011 is going to be a great sewing year for you.

  19. Wow! You made some excellent garments this year - I think my favourite one is the green maxi dress.

    Heres to an even better 2011!

  20. Happy Happy New Year! While you actually put in the 10,000 hours of work, I have reaped the benefits of getting to enjoy all of your results. lol.

    Here's to another glorious year on your sewing journey.

  21. Jeness---it's so nice to meet you! Thanks for following along with my blog.

    Amanda---I'll be sure to drop you a line asap to discuss the form! Thanks sooooo very much. You're a wealth of information:)

    Thanks Ladies for all of your kind comments!!!!!

  22. Discipline is good, but don't push it too far by not counting wadders. They're a perfectly legitimate part of sewing output :-). You may be able to reduce their proportion, but let me tell you, it's impossible to completely eradicate them. So give yourself credit for ALL the work you do.

  23. Good point Marie Christine---the wadders do count for something and shouldn't be discounted. I should have clarified that my tally meant finished garments only. Most of my wadders were unfinished. But you definitely bring up a good point:)

  24. What a great year! I found myself sewing patterns more than once last year, which is fairly new for me. I guess it means I'm getting better at choosing good patterns! You've reminded me that I really need to make another Vogue 1020. My boyfriend looooooves it when I wear the one I have.

  25. Sweet end of the year review and congratulations on meeting your goals. Now let's continue sewing til our heart's content. Happy New Year and God bless.

  26. Ooooh, I love that long green patterned dress ... I hadn't seen that before and it is lovely!! I'd love to sew a bathing suit sometime, maybe not this year though.

    I'm with you on the wardrobe basics, I've got a blazer and a LBD on my list for this year too.


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