Monday, December 13, 2010

Updates, Updates, Updates......

Wow, there's been a lot going on as of late. I guess that's usually the case this time of year. I'm currently trying to get myself together. I tend to do this at the end of every year. I plan to clean and gut out the entire house of unwanted stuff. I'm on a war path to re-organize. I've had to stop sewing for a couple of days to organize the sewing studio. I'm beginning to realize that I can't operate in total chaos (just partial chaos) so organization helps me out tremendously.  I've been working on filing away new patterns. I've also started a new separate notebook for TNT patterns so I can get to them at a moment's notice if needed. I now have 5- 3 ring binders holding the pattern envelope in clear sheet protectors. Of course the patterns and guide sheets are stored in the 6X9" manila envelopes and are stored in drawers (I've posted about this system before HERE). To tell you the truth, I still haven't completely filed all of the patterns. I'm telling you, having to do this much work discourages me from wanting to buy more patterns for sure.
3 of the 5 Binders full of Pattern envelopes

Giveaway Round up....
Last month I enjoyed hosting several giveaways but on the flip side I was fortunate to win 3 Giveaways! I don't usually win things but to win three times within 2 weeks was jaw dropping for me! Here are my prizes....

Many thanks to Peter for the lovely Vintage pattern, Robin for the pretty Silk scarf, and Faye for the cool "Denim Revolution" Book!

Wardrobe essentials
I wrote a post on Lacking the Winter Wardrobe essentials last month but was able to able to rectify that situation on the accesory and shoe end. I am proud to say that thanks to the Black Friday sale I was able to update my wardrobe with the essentials fairly just in a few store trips. I have to admit that was my first Black Friday sale ever at a place other than Jo-Ann's. In the wee hours of the morning (4am-ish)  my Hubby and I were able to hit up Jc-Penny's and many other stores and the savings I got were huge. I have to admit that I couldn't have found a better group of sales to help me stock up my wardrobe. Here's some of the things I got
Yipee, shoes---from casual to dressy!

My favorite shoe---I love a cute shoe bootie. This one is made by Madden Girl and has a cool zipper rosette sewn on.

I love these boots and need a reason to wear them. Unfortunately the casual dress code at work doesn't give me a real reason to bust them out. I still need a pair of fancy calf high black boots.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories---from purses, to belts, to scarves--all at deep discounted prices!

Current Projects
I am still plowing away on my corduroy jacket. I'm just a few steps from finishing. All of the separate pieces (sleeves, facing & lining) are sewn and just needed to be sewn all together.I would've been done a while ago before I decided to spend a week testing out a new toy.......

I finally scored the 2009 Threads Archive DVDRom (Thanks to a nice Lady in Canada who sold it to me for $70---50% off---told you I wouldn't pay full price) and I thought I'd take it for a test ride.
 I spent a good deal of time reading up on tailoring jackets, bagging the linging, and different ways to set in sleeves. I enjoyed studying and all of the great reading this DVD-Rom provided. It was nice to "go to school" and the info I learned definitely gave me the "oompp" I need to finish my jacket.

In addition to the jacket I'm working on a matching skirt...
The skirt  is actually sewn up but needs altering. Upon sewing on the waistband facing the skirt stretched so that the waistline was distorted. So I need to take it in and add twill tape. That should be an easy fix.

I've also got this long sleeve dress on the radar and would love to have it to wear to church on Sunday.....
I've made this dress twice before and absolutely love this pattern!

So yes I'm sorta working on three things at one time right now. Things are going pretty smoothly and  I'm happy about all of the projects.

Future projects
Oh, like most of you I've got tons of projects on the "back burner".
I REALLY need some more pants. I have a trio of corduroy fabric (tan, black, & brown) that's just waiting to be made into these wonderful Jalie pants......

I have 5 yards of black velour fabric that I definitely want to transform into this jumpsuit......

Here are some patterns I'd love to sew up within the next 2 months.

Well that's what's been going on with me. I hope to to increase my productivity before the year's end and have some great garments to show for. Keep your fingers crossed. What's been going on with you? Are you able to sew this time of year or is it hard to find the time?


  1. I finally unpacked my last box from the move today. I took a stab at learning a new embellishment technique. While I need tons more practice, I cracked the "can I do it?" phase...

    I love that vintage pattern you won! I can't wait to see what you do with that. It's got great lines.... and go you for winning three giveaways!

  2. Seems like you are busy this time of the year. Happy re-organising! :)

  3. WOW! You have been busy! I'm sure you feel more creative in your organized sewing space.

  4. Well, you are inspiring me to get organized for the new year! However, I'm in the middle of making Buddy Britches (aka pajama pants) for Christmas presents, and I'm buried in flannel for a while. Congrats on the great wins! And I can't wait to see your new creations. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

  5. It sounds like you are very busy! I put my patterns in sheet protectors too. Like you, when I go through my patterns I start to think, "Why would I buy another pattern anytime soon?" Then there will be a pattern sale and I am like a junkie wanting a fix. So much for resolve. :)

  6. It is hard to find the time! I had friends over for cookie baking last Saturday and a brunch on Sunday. I think we have five brunches/open houses/parties to go to this coming weekend. And I'll be out of town for 5 days at the holiday. There won't be much sewing going on before the end of the year.

  7. Isn't it wonderful when you can use "organizing time" also as "planning time". Hope all your ideas go according to plan.

  8. Wowzer... you did well during the Black Friday sale. Its amazing how a few accessories can jump start a wardrobe and I like the sewing projects you have lined up.

  9. Actually, I have been finding time to sew, which is usually not like me at all! In previous years I have always worked, and this is my first year being a SAHM, so maybe that could account for some of me finding the time to sew...

    You DO have a lot planned!! But, hey, at least you've got a plan...That is the beginning to getting things in order!

  10. Ooh, I've got that Butterick top on the right in my queue too! I realized this winter that I need more long sleeved tops. I think I spend more time planning my next project that I actually do sewing, though, so who knows if it'll get finished for this winter.

  11. Wow, you have been quite busy.
    I love your filing system for the patterns. I am going to feature you on my blog in my "Great Tips" section. I will be linking back to this entry. Thanks for sharing that. To see your great tip, go to or just click on my name here and it will take you to my website.
    Again, thanks for sharing.


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