Friday, December 17, 2010

Time Management Truths........

I was listening to a  Joyce Meyers Podcast (I love her practical teachings) the other day and she said some pretty interesting things in regards to time. I thought they'd be appropriate to share here, especially since my entire blog is centered around devoting 10,000 hours of my time to the sewing craft.

One of the things she said is that We ALL have the same amount of time to work with. That's right, I just stated the obvious! LOL! But, seriously, that's a fact that I sometimes take for granted. No one has anymore time or any less. The only main difference is how we choose to use it! In the past I was always notorious about saying that "I had so little time" or "I was always so busy", but in reality I don't have anymore time than anyone else. So in a way, complaining about time is somewhat pointless. We're always going to fell like we never have enough time. That's just a reality that's often pointless for me to address. Mainly because it becomes a stumbling block. I spend so much time fretting about what time I don't have that I pay less attention to the time I do have and and what I could be accomplishing with it.  Am I maximizing it's potential or am I wasteful of it? Why are some people more productive then others? Why are some people more successful then others?  How can I maximize my productivity. 

The second thing she said was about how she organizes her personal schedule. She said that  doesn't just set a schedule, she continues to shape her schedule. I guess this is something that I've naturally had to learn to do with time. I have to be honest and admit to a large degree I'm a planner. .I'm pretty devoted to the idea of creating a daily plan of action (that is when I'm not being lazy). But rarely does any of my plans pan out the way I intend. So I understand exactly the importance of "reshaping" your plans to maximize the time you have. This drives my husband crazy--but he's the easy going don't need a schedule kind of guy (which is why we're just perfect for each other---one of us is uptight about time and the other is pretty laid back LOL!!!).

Ok, so I'm sure you're wondering where I'm going with this this. Well to be honest, I've come to realize that it's important for me to continually evaluate how I spend my time. With all of the responsibilities that swamp us in life it's quite common to feel just plain out of control with things. But the truth of the matter is that I've got control---you've got control---we all have control. It's just important to remember that. And no matter how often we feel limited by our time it's important to make the most of the moments we have. Because we all have 24 hours a day--no more and no less! Oftentimes, when I don't have large chunks of time  I take for granted those several minutes that are available that I could be progressing on a garment. Sometimes it seems I spend more time debating whether or not to progress then actually doing so. There's always time loss with that. You can get so much done even in such a small bit of time if you're focused and disciplined.

Anywho, these were two really great thoughts on time to ponder. It's amazing how if you change the way you think about something your actions will change as a result. I feel so empowered by these truths. Let me get back to sewing. I have a few minutes before bed time and I should---I mean I want to make the most of it......

What about you, what thoughts about "time management" inspires you?


  1. So much truth in your review of Joyce Meyers information. I received your card yesterday, thanks much. If I'm ever in your area maybe we could schedule a meet up at your Joanns!

  2. I agree so much with what you say. Recently I was feeling so overwhelmed and angry with myself for not achieving all the things I want to do. Then I realized that I spend so much time prevaricating - Shall i do this? Or shall i do that? - that it was eating all my time and making me anxious without anything happening at all. Since then I never think "Oh, I can't start this work/that project/that garment because i've only got half and hour, etc". I start it, and I can also stop after one side of a zipper and say to myself "I'll finish it on Wednesday"! And of course, my productivity has gone up a lot. Not soared, but gone up. Learning how to reshape my schedule, as you suggest, has to follow now I think. Good post.


  3. You've given me a lot to think about!

    I think we all go through times in our lives where other people have big calls on our time, little children, ageing parents or demanding bosses when we are the family bread winner. I guess free time is our biggest luxury and giving of it is the biggest gift we can give to others in many ways.

    All that said, I think sewing is a great way to spend the free time I have!

  4. Great post. In the New Year I really do want to find ways to organize my time better and you've given me some good thoughts about this.

  5. Awesome post, Victoria! Thanks for sharing these reminders. You've given us lots to think about.

    I like the concept of "re-shaping" the schedule.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. An excellent post. Every now and then I need a wake up slap like this.
    I will re read your post and ask honest questions of my time usage.....
    Thank you

  7. Some very good points to ponder! I have also learned that somewhere in that schedule of the day, where every minute seems to be taken up with things to do, one does need to put in some time to just relax. You cannot be productive if you're falling off your feet, and your mind is racing, thinking of all the other things that you need to accomplish.

  8. Great post! My favorite time advice from someone who said that most folks know how to manage their time, what they don't know is how much time their daily activities take in reality. I have started to approximate how much time I will need, and try to be real with myself. Her advice helped me a lot.

  9. Irene,
    Sooooo, very true! Rest is so important for one's renewal! In my opinion, You are actually more productive after you've rested.

    Sewfashionista---well said. I often use a stop watch to help me keep track of time and stay within certain time frames. It definitely help to know how much time certain tasks take. You'd be amazed that some things aren't as time consuming as we think.

  10. This is so true! I always feel rushed for time and I'm really trying to get a grip on those feelings. They are NOT productive! I've noticed, as time pertains to sewing, I need to spend a lot of time thinking - planning out the next step. Partly, that's the nature of the craft - partly it's an aspect of being a relative beginner. I'm always amazed that the "sewing" takes no more than 25% of the "sewing project" time frame.

  11. Great questions! Excellent perspective. We all have the same amount of time. I'm like you, a true planner. I have a notebook that I carry around. I'm learning to be more realistic in estimating the amount of time tasks and projects take, prioritizing what's really important and respecting the need to allot time to decompress and sew. Enjoy your holidays and have a Blessed Christmas!

  12. Thanks for sharing! This is so very true~ we all have the same time to start with.
    Two things:
    1~ I like Joyce Meyers,too>
    2~ You have occasionally used one of my favorite words " anywho". LOL! There's only oneother person that I've ever heard use that word, and that's my mother.It must be a southern thing. :)

  13. Great post dear. I really hope I can organize my time better and start sewing. Somehow my sewing love has been on the back slate. I need it back! Thanks for this post.

  14. What a thoughtful, honest and useful post. "Sometimes it seems I spend more time debating whether or not to progress then actually doing so." Yes, yes, yes:-) I find it a challenge to simply live in the moment and be fully present in that moment. Now I know why all the world's religions challenge us to do just that, be fully present for the people and/or tasks in our lives, truly very much like young children. I too cleaned out clutter and disorganization in my sewing space which frees me up mentally as well.

  15. I was flipping through my newly acquired Singer Sewing Reference Library the other day. While reading one book, probably the Timesaving Secrets book, I had a similar a-ha moment. Sew whenever you can, even if it means only sewing one seam. I prefer to sew when I have large blocks of time. I haven't had one of those in many weeks so my sewing is at a complete standstill. I always clean up my sewing area when I'm done so the cats don't play with anything and my DH doesn't complain about my mess. Honestly, I don't think he would care much about the mess if I was actually sewing more (he's very supportive of my sewing addiction). So my solution to not having to clean up everyday after sewing is to have a top "junk" drawer in my sewing room. Open it up and push all the scissors, pins, buttons, etc. into the drawer. Keeps them accessible for my next 15-minute sewing bout, keeps them away from the cats, and keeps the husband happy that I'm sewing (and not cluttering up the guest bedroom).

  16. Before I had my son I never realized how much time I wasted. In order to get anything done with a 3-month-old I have to be more organized and proactive than ever before. Thanks for reminding me that time is really the most precious commodity that I have. (BTW I love Joyce Meyer too!)

  17. Love your post. Thanks for the reminder. I have just recently begun to hold myself more accountable for the non-productive time I spend. I have just recently discovered the gem that is Joyce Meyers!

  18. Great post! Working from home, for myself, means I have to be incredibly disciplined with my time. I loved the statement 'we all have the same amount of time to work with.' I used to be the girl who answered 'How are you?' with 'So busy!' all the time. And you're right, we're all busy! What matters is what you do with the time you've got. I used to sit and make lists of all the things I have to do - now I get started and in the end get a lot more accomplished.
    Thoughtful post - thanks for this!

  19. Thanks for this very helpful information! Getting ready for the new year! Should be more organized...

    Time is still Gold!


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