Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Knit Goodies!!!

After making it to work and checking my emails I ran across this Fabric.Com sales flyer in my inbox.
I figured they were still trying to see some of the items I saw listed on last week so I almost didn't pay it any mind. It's been a couple of months since I ordered something from these guys.

I'm so glad I didn't ignore this email. It just so happens that they were selling printed jersey knits for the low, low, low price of $2.99/yard. After seeing this, I still quite don't know what happened. I've never placed an order so fast in my life. I think I had my order complete in 4 minutes flat!!! Time is of the essence when you're trying to acquire fabrics that in 2 of my 5 selections, had less then 10 yards left. So here's what I got. With the possible exception of the last 2 (please keep your fingers crossed for me that they still have enough left to complete my order), I  managed to get these fabrics.





Looking at these fabric, I'm sure some of them might raise a few eyebrows. I always trust my instincts when it comes to fabric. I don't have a method---- it's all just instinct. If I love the pattern and colors it's an automatic "shoo in". And I can usually match the right fabric with the right pattern. I can't wait to get my hands on these knit fabrics!!!!!


  1. Nice fabrics! I just hit delete when the email temptation came in! :)

  2. Love the fabric! I'd seen three of those (the last two and the brown and gold) during the holiday sale and talked myself out of getting them. Dang. I wanted them for the latest Simplicity patterns. I fell prey to the same email - I have a few yards of the rayon blend jersey headed my way.

  3. Thanks! Trust me, like you I ignore these things everyday until I run into a bargain I just can't pass up! It was funny, the day I purchased this fabric online, I went into JoAnn's and spotted a new gorgeous jersey knit. But it was priced at $14.99/yd. Even with my coupon I wasn't going to get the $2.99 deal I got offline. I happily passed it up. In the end it's just fabric. No one can have it all--at least that's what I tell myself! LOL!


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