Monday, February 1, 2010

Designer Profile: Emilio Pucci

Since seeing Kate Hudson in this Spring 2010 Emilio Pucci number for the SAG awards this year, I've had this designer on my brain.

  There is just something sooooo stunning and striking about this dress.  It's described as a long-sleeved backless evening gown with embellished cut out.  Although this dress shows a tremendous amount of backside , in some way it seems balanced out by the long sleeves and high neckline of the dress front. There's just an old-school glamorous feel to this look. I don't know exactly why I'm so captivated by this dress but I just am.

  Check out some of their other Spring looks here (sorry the site wouldn't allow me to copy/paste pics on my site). Although alot of their clothes are a little skimpy for my taste, I truly appreciate the bright, colorful and lush fabrics being used. The name Emilio Pucci, is synonymous with abstract prints and bold colors.

 Years ago I ran across some Pucci fabric for sale at a yard sale (it had  an abstract print in beautiful jewel toned colors). Stupid me didn't even know who Pucci was, but the fabric was colorfully stunning. I was more concerned with the $40 price tag on the 2 yards of fabric. The next time I see a stunning Pucci print I'll be sure not to pass it up.
 Emilio Pucci (1914-1992)

   For some background information on this great designer feel free to read this article

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