Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Product Review: My New & Exciting Clothing Labels made by Dutch Label Shop!

Every sewer, whether for a business or not wants amazing clothing labels to sew into their amazing clothes, right? I know I do! Ever since I started my 2nd business---Dressed in 10 ( my Image and Style Education and Consulting Business I wanted to get clothing labels done to reflect my brand. I'm passionate about beautifying women and using clothes to reflect the beauty of a woman's soul!  I'm currently working on creating effortless and fashionable looks for women (COMING SOON) and for my clothing labels decided to use my logo (made by Tina which I love! The only trick was finding someone who could do the task in high quality fashion at a reasonable price.  I was thrilled to learn about Dutch Label Shop ( After perusing their website I was definitely interested in giving them a try. I wondered if they would be able to duplicate my label. I placed the order, which I found really easy to do using their step by step process. Everything I needed to do was listed and I didn't have any guess work. I quickly chose the woven label option and made all of my selections. The process from start to finish was pretty easy. And then came the wait. Which I'm amazed wasn't long at all. The processing was quick and I received shipping/tracking info asap. I have to admit I was pretty excited when they arrived by mail. But I was more amazed when I took a look at them. THEY WERE EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! Now I can see why DLS scores so high in customer satisfaction. I guess I should stop talking and let you see for yourself.......

They came all nice and neatly packaged! I'm well stocked now!

I'm especially excited that it's a sizable label without being over-sized. They measure 1" wide and 1.25" long. It only uses 2 inks---black and red. The red is actually a shimmery one so the hanger and the shoes have a sparkle to them which is so cute!

I can't believe I have 300 of these gorgeous beauties! I need to get to sewing! And they were only around $0.35 each which is incredible! And of course the more you buy the cheaper they are!

Here's my business card bearing my logo along with my new clothing label! I love that my brand is represented on my cards and in my fashions!

I definitely give a THOUSAND thanks to Dutch Label Shop for doing such a marvelous job on my labels!!! They exceeded my expectations!  And of course I don't want to be the one to have all of the fun so here's a gift of a 15% discount from the gracious folks over at Dutch Label Shop. Just use the code "tenthousandsewing15". Trust me you along with the other thousands who have tried them won't be disappointed!

As always I love to bring you the latest deals and resources. I was proud to to have Dutch Label Shop sponsor this post. Please know the reviews are 100% my genuine and honest opinion!!!

Until next time, happy sewing! Don't forget to follow me over at Instagram---Victoria Baylor and at Dressedin10


  1. I have read very good things about Dutch Labels. I will give them a try in the future. Glad you are happy with your labels!

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