Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Reflections--- A Skit, Video, and Reality check

I've been up to my eyeballs in black tulle----25 yards to be exact and on top of that add another 5 yards to it, all in order to make a mermaid skirt in a prom gown. Have you ever tried gathering that much tulle? Let me tell ya it's not joke! So needless to say Mother's Day was a welcomed break from my long week. As always as it does every year, it came and went so fast! Normally my routine is to make matching Mother/Daughter Outfits (as I've done HERE and HERE) but my daughter was acting in our church's skit alongside her Dad so she couldn't wear it anyway. This was pretty fun for the two of them and was the first time they've both graced the stage together. I consider them clones of each other so it was great to see the two people who helped make me a mother doing something they both love. That was a great present! And I REALLY love these two, they make me feel special as a Mom year round!

(Hubby and Daughter on stage for Mother's Day skit.)

And on top of that my daughter and I were asked to be in the Mother's Day video they made for that day. It was pretty cool. Our church's awesome videographers came by my house to film us a month earlier. I requested it be done in my sewing studio where my daughter and I often spend our creative time. They took a good bit of footage and added our part with the other Mom's and daughters and it turned out so sweet. I love that our little bit is centered on sewing!  Here's the video.
Mother's Day 2016 from Savannah Christian Church on Vimeo.

These were just a couple of highlights from my day! I can't help but think how oddly we as mother's are wired. The sacrifice, love, devotion and care given to our children is nothing shy of amazing. We do it and expect little to nothing in return for ourselves. I've had alot of responsibilities in my life but none of them compare to Motherhood. It's in a league all it's own. It's an honor! There's so much more I could say but there's no need, if you're a Mom or Mom-like figure you know exactly what I mean.........

I'm feeling a little sentimental so it's time to snap out of it LOL! Well I leave you with this little note-----
I'm living in this truth right now LOLLLL!  This is hilarious! Guess it's back to work for me LOL! Will be showing off that prom dress soon!!!!


  1. Motherhood is in a league of its own. A ministry of the heart.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day too Victoria!! I love your Mother's Day gift and I think most mothers would!! I bet they both were awesome on stage! I also love your "back to reality" note's so very true for all us mothers! Can't wait to see the prom dress you're working on!


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