Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Matching Luau Party Tops and a Birthday Boy!!!

We had a pretty amazing time celebrating our Cousin Jennifer's 40th Birthday in a fun and festive Luau themed affair! As I mentioned in the last 2 posts I wanted to sew something fun for the whole family to wear. With only 4 yards of fabric and the patterns I showed in my last post this is the result! I had to be a bit creative with the fabric use given there was so little of it to share amongst 3 folks. So for my daughter's top I went with a solid yellow cotton for the body and used the Hawaiian print fabric on her sleeves and on the fabric covered buttons that I made for her located on her front ruffle. Besides I had to think pictures. She's usually between us and if all of us wore the print we'd all blend together LOL!

So the patterns weren't difficult to sew at all and went together rather quickly. To be quite honest I'm amazed I was able to squeeze these 3 pieces in less than one week especially given the crazy work schedules I've been having. This is definitely a first for me. I've never sewn for the whole family at once. It was definitely a fun project!

( A BIG shout-out goes to Greg Adams (aka Cousin Greg) for taking such marvelous pics of the event. He's one talented photographer and I'm delighted that captured my work so beautifully! If you're in the Lakeland, FL area and are looking for an exceptional photographer I recommend him wholeheartedly!!!)

(Here are the patterns again!)

(Fabric upclose, love the print and colors!!! It's a stretch poplin)

 (Loved how her top turned out! So simple but cute!)

 (He was a good sport, we've never matched like this before LOL)

 (Candid family photo)
 (Same print in Ruffled sleeves and fabric covered buttons ties her top to ours)

 (I added a couple of inches to the peplum---I wanted the added flare)

 (Fancy drinks)

(Silly Faces)

 (my favorite! my daughter is such a little character LOL)

Jimmy with his beautiful Cousin Jennifer---the birthday girl!!!

And SPEAKING OF BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is my Man's birthday! I want to WISH THE BIGGEST AND HAPPIEST of Birthdays to my one and only Guy Jimmy! There's just so much that I love and respect about this guy! He's fun-loving, so caring, good natured, kind-hearted, loves God, cherishes his family, and the list goes on and on! He's the extrovert to my Introversion LOL! He's my best friend and confidant and my biggest supporter. I promise ya'll there were so many times I'd want to quit but he's always encouraged me to follow my dreams even when they weren't as clear to me! He's cheered me on, wiped my tears, been there when no one else has, seen me at my best, seen me at my worst, given me tough love and has done it all humbly and sweetly! I'm blessed to have such a life partner and friend. My successes are our successes! Wouldn't trade him for the world! I'm honored to have celebrated 19 birthdays with him! I love you Jimmy--FOREVER and a DAY!!! XOXOXO


  1. Love how these turned out. Gorgeous family photo.

  2. What a beautiful family!! The outfits turned out so well. Happy birthday to your hubby.

  3. Beautiful family and the outfits ,too!

  4. The beautiful words spoken to your husband, that you allowed us to share, brought me to tears. Beautiful family, your outfits are beautiful and your work as usual is outstanding and an inspiration for others.

  5. Someone once said that we don't get everything in life, but your tribute to your dear husband Jimmy say you DID get everything in a husband and life partner! I am sure you are a very good match for him as well!
    Your matching creations are simply adorable!

  6. Very cute family! Love the coordinating outfits for the party.

  7. Dear Lord! Your family photos look like something I would see in a beautiful magazine. Wonderful job on the sewing projects and such a handsome family.


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