Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sewing Jots and Tittles 3.15.15

It's been quite a while and I needed a brain dump. Here goes.....

Sewing Jots and Tittles

This is my son, Tip (one of my 2 hamsters---he's a Syrian "Fancy Bear" variety) This little Dude decided to bite a hole in my fabric--see it on the was laying too close to the cage and he dragged it through the bars ad commenced to chewing it up.

 ....he better be happy he's so cute. Mama don't take kindly to ruining fabric

 Got new zipper/cording feet for the industrial machine. I've been doing alot of jacket zipper replacement for clients.

 An empty Jo-Ann's parking lot. True enough the store just opened but this should never be. Nevertheless, more fun for me!!!

 Studied the color wheel in my fashion design course! My new favorite tool! I've always loved color! I can't stop thinking about designing my own fabric now!

New fabric! I have a penchant for animal print!

THAT CAPE in the Taylor Swift video "Blank Space" (the model wasn't too bad looking either LOL!). If my husband wasn't such a big man I'd make one for him LOL! That entire scene was beautiful!

A better shot of my daughter's Father/Daughter Banquet dress. Seems like it was perfect for a dance challenge with her dad! LOL!

 There were like 12 vultures on my neighbors roof and I walked outside and they were staring at me. CREEPY!!! LOL!

 FINALLY a family bike ride! It has taken years to organize this! LOL!

 Someone explains to me what makes this rice "forbidden"? LOL???

Was unloading groceries. Accidentally stepped back onto eggs with the heel of my stiletto. Would you believe I didn't break one egg? Pretty amazing. These eggs are too expensive to be breaking! LOL!

 DATE NIGHT! We finally snuck in a trip together at the gym!

She's learning to play.....

 One of my favorite scriptures posted on the wall in our prayer room at church

LOVED this movie! I'm a big Tom Hardy fan! This had some unexpected twists!

 I'm starting to think my obsession is unhealthy! LOL! Stair climber why did I avoid you for all these years???

 Received this devotional as a gift from a wonderful friend! LOVE it! It's one I use every morning.....'s a particular excerpt that made my heart happy:)

 I read somewhere that the Dyson vacuum inventor made 5000+ prototypes. Not sure how accurate that is but I think you've earned your street cred when there's a toy version of your product.

Someone please tell me when I'm in a shoe store I  I don't act the way my daughter does in a toy store. She's like a wild animal on the lose! LOL!

Saw this on a fashion blogger's page and decided to do my own research and purchase it. I LOVE this stuff. It's high in fatty acids, is an anti-inflammatory and lightens facial blemishes.  I use it at night and it goes on thick and is a bit greasy. It absorbs in your skin when you sleep . Definitely noticing a change in my skin. I got mine here....

Love this song!!!!


  1. Do your hamsters reside in your sewing room? A few summers ago I cared for a teacher's guinea pig over the summer. Her cage was in my sewing room, and I found I quite liked her company. Also, thanks for sharing the devotional. It looks like a good one.

  2. ELEGANT - nothing like a father and daughter relationship :) Exercise + devotion= SPIRITUAL MUSCLES ;) FIESTA :)

  3. Wonderful post start to finish...thank you!!!

  4. Enjoyed your jots & tittles. Of late, when I step out in the backyard, there are dozens of crows... double creepy. I customarily use coconut oil, will definitely check out the Emu oil. Lovely picture of your daughter & hubby... priceless.

  5. I really enjoyed this post Victoria!! The vultures would have creeped me out too and kept me in the house!!! All I keep thinking about your fabric is...thank goodness it wasn't a really expensive silk!!


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