Thursday, January 8, 2015

When No One Sees

I was recently struck by a story that aired a few years back about an Autistic kid who did the unthinkable when giving the opportunity. Somehow I missed this story but it's a GOOD one! It's the story of Jason Mcelwain and instead of spoiling the story for you take a look at this short video for yourself.....

After I cheered and even shed a tear of happiness for him there was something about his story that really stood out that actually wasn't really focused on.  The thing I found most fascinating about Jason is what he did when probably no one had seen him or was watching. Everyone knew of his passion for basketball but it wasn't his passion alone that gave him those 6- 3 pointers. Passion won't give you ANYTHING without dedication, effort and follow-thru! So in my mind I picture him practicing in the gym for hours when there wasn't a soul in sight. Maybe even thinking about how some said his autism would limit him but ignoring the voices and steadily practicing. I think of every initial missed shot but with time and "grit" those became less and less and more and more baskets were made.

The same thing holds true to US sewers! That's right, YOU included!!! It's so easy to think that the things we do and the striving to be good won't matter and isn't making a real difference. And when you've been frustrated up to your eyeballs like I've been in the past it's easy to let discouragement creep in. This was especially the case when I first started sewing over 10 years ago. Those were some rough earlier years! LOL!  Let's just say my craftsmanship and fitting abilities at times weren't always the best. I may have had raw talent/ability but it was talent that most definitely needed developing and the refinement! I wonder what would have happened if I'd thrown in the towel when it was rough? How bout for you as well?

I think we can all "take a page from Jason's book". Unexpected opportunities are always a possibility. Who knows what can happen. The only question that looms is Will you be ready???

I'm reminded that more often then not great people aren't necessarily the smartest or most talented. They're just the one's who hang in there when others throw in the towel and most importantly.....know how to put in the hard work when no one sees!!!

Ok, well let's get to it! I'm feeling inspired how bout you?!!!! We've (that's right WE) have some BIG sewing projects & goals to accomplish this 2015! Let's go where we've never gone before, try new things and challenge ourselves! I'm working on my goals for the first quarter now! Almost done! Stay tuned!!!


  1. I was an art student in college. Of all the people I studied with, it was the guy who worked at it the hardest who is still making art for a living.

    I can retell this story with different things I have done and different people who succeeded in those fields,and it's always the same: the ones who stuck with it are the successful ones. Talent had nothing to do with it.

    And yes, I have learned my lesson.

  2. What a wonderful story. This is a great post. You are right "Passion won't give you ANYTHING without dedication effort or follow thru"!!! Well said.....So many things I also Want to do this Year.

  3. Your blog is very inspiring to me, and this post is a great one. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and passion for sewing and for life.

  4. Victoria thank you for this wonderful story.....what a beautiful reminder


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