Sunday, January 25, 2015

Exciting First Quarter Sewing Goals......

The month's already gotten off to a hurried pace and I've got tons to do this first quarter. I ALWAYS like to start the year off with a bang so there is lots to do for clients and myself. Here are a few of my sewing plans......

Fearless February

It's that time again!!! Fearless February is a challenge I issue every year and encourages sewers and myself to pick projects that would normally intimidate them or those they may have put off. You can read more about the meaning behind the challenge HERE.   Notice I didn't give an adequate heads up. Usually I give an early notification to get everyone ready but I decided to AMBUSH you guy's this time. Truth is, if you're going to be Fearless you shouldn't need much time to think about it! Just do it!!! It's all the thinking that causes us to talk ourselves out of doing. But there is enough time if you need to order supplies. Remember you get to decide on the project you want to take on. I'll be giving details on mine next.....Also, feel free to add the pic to your blogs. I'll try to have a button for the next post :)

Father/Daughter Banquet

Our church's annual Father/Daughter Banquet is held a little earlier this year. It's on 3 nights (26-28th) but my Hubby and Daughter will be going the night of the 28th. If you've been following me for a few years then you know I ALWAYS make her a dress and since last year made my Hubby's coordinating tie to match. Well I'm getting geared up and looking at fabrics and colors. My daughter has chimed in and wants a black and white dress with a crystal belt. Ughhhh is all I'm thinking but she may be on to something. Her and I will put our heads together and come up with something cute!

 (This was last year's dress and tie that I made)


***I have to transfer a cute little 3 year old into .....for his birthday party!!! I've already gotten the fabric and am in the middle of working on this since his bday is a little later this week. Can't wait to deliver it to the little guy!

***Looks like I'll also be doing another set of Dance line capes for a group out of SC. This will be my 2nd time making dance team capes. Here's a pic of the reversible capes I made for a local group a few years back!

I'm in Fashion Design School!!!

Yes, I signed on to complete an Online Fashion Design Certificate with the Style Design College. I just registered for it and am working on my first module and homework now. I have a year to finish and hope I can do it under that time. Although I have excellent mentorship with Master Tailor Gentleman Jim I decided to get this certificate since I wanted to get the extras that design student's are exposed to such as fashion illustration, color theory, etc. It's also internationally accredited Plus I got it for a great deal on it (Groupon).


  1. Lots of good things happening in your world right now! Thanks for the challenge. I'll take it! I love to read your blog. :-)

  2. Great plans! I saw this white with black polka dots taffeta fabric at Joann's and I think they even had a little girl's dress made up with it if I remember correctly. I kept wondering what I could make with it that wouldn't look silly! Ha!

  3. You have some great things going on! WOOHOO!

  4. I'm in for the February challenge - I'm making two Robsons Trenches (I have a muslin made with alterations already to transfer onto my pattern pieces) and I am going to put the finishing touches on my last trench coat that has been sitting on my dress form since last spring.

  5. Always great to read what you are doing. I will think about the Feb challenge :) sounds fun!!

  6. I think this is the 3rd year of the challenge - am I correct? I'm Victoria, since I attacked two daunting projects during the last two challenges that s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d me and came out really good. Thanks for the challenge.

  7. Yesssss.. Fashion design school way to go!!! I'm in for the February challenge. I'm making McCalls 6955 and 6706


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