Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Great News!!!/ Finished Projects/ Playing Catch up!!!

I'm SOOOO sorry for being away so long. It's been 11 days but that's wayyyyy too long for me! I love talking to you guys!!! If you can imagine I've been in recovery mode since making the wedding gown! THANKS SOOOO MUCH for your  kind words and compliments. You have no idea how much the validation means!!! I PROMISE my Wedding Gown Construction Details post will be next up. It's chalked full of details so I wanted to take my time on it.  In the meantime let me catch you up to speed on what I've been working on. Again, I've been in recovery mode since producing the gown. A project of that size required alot of time that I had to take from other tasks. I've nearly recovered and in the last couple of weeks have accomplished the following:

Made a costume for my kid. We don't personally celebrate Halloween but do engage in some alternatives. She went as "Kitty Galore" inspired by the "hairless" cat from the movie "Cats and Dogs". The costume consisted of a shiny gold, leopard printed cape, matching mini skirt, gold belt with bow, cat tail and store bought tights, shoes and modified cat ears. I used a basic cape pattern and modified it drastically narrowing it in the shoulder. The skirt is self drafted. As thrown together as this costume was she got a ton of compliments. I LOVED that she loved it and had a part in designing it!

 (showing off her tail)

(hanging with some princesses)

I made this Halloween costume for a Friend/Client. We converted his 2 year old son into Luke Skywalker as depicted in the Dagobah scene in the first movie. Here's a screenshot from it. I made the shirt, pants, yoda's backpack and the jacket in the next pic.

So here's the scaled down 2 year old version. I'll have pics of my 2 year old client in them to post soon!

I'm currently working on a pink, pleather overall for my client's Sweet 16 party and will possibly be doing the back-up dancers shorts as well. This is the inspiration pic but the pants will be much looser!

Ok, the GREAT NEWS I wanted to announce is that Gentleman Jim is teaching a Master Tailoring Course through BurdaStyle. I've had the privilege of benefiting from his teaching and superb tailoring skills and my sewing and tailoring skills have improved DRASTICALLY! I'm serious---DRASTICALLY!!! I plan on taking on tailoring a suit for my Hubby on next year. I'm getting ready. All I can say is that for most sewers they can achieve a high level of sewing but to go even higher you need to connect with an expert. That's why I always encourage mentorship. There's just some places you can't get on your own. Well receiving instruction from a Master Tailor is definitely quality instruction in a form that's yields exceptional results. In his 53 years of tailoring it's like he figured out most every short cut for professional industy methods. His talent definitely will amaze and enlighten. I don't mean to go on and on but I'm SO excited that everyone gets the opportunity to learn from his as I have. You can visit his blog site ( for more information on this course HERE or go directly to the course HERE
He's also giving away several of his DVD's to celebrate. Which you can also find on his blog HERE
Follow him on FaceBook HERE

That's it for now. I've got a pile of Men's suit alterations that won't fix themselves. BTW, I learned how to alter Men's suits through Mr. Jim. I'd always been intimidated by it but not anymore!


  1. It doesn't look like you slowed down too much since the wedding gown ;-) Cute outfits for the kids - I'm sure they loved them. Thanks for the link to Mr. Jim's blog. What a talent!

  2. Your daughter makes me laugh... She looks like quite the ham! Wish I had your mojo.thanks for the inspiration.


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