Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sewing Jots and Tittles 6.22.14

Wow! It's been a long time since I've done one of these. Here's a sneek peak into my little world.....

Sewing, Fashions and Such
Saw this Rhinestone net bikini while in the mall. I felt shameful for the mannequin LOL! Can't imagine someone wearing it for real!

 Burda Style have retro styled patterns! Pretty cool!

There's a product for everything. Canned good weights are more of my speed.

 Attended a friend's fashion show on last month. I can't wait to have my own one day!

 My daughter loves to reflect her sense of fashion in her sidewalk chalk art!

 Can you say I got a free duplicate pattern sheet. First time that's ever happened.

 Had to make a maternity dress for a photographer friend's client's photo shoot. It's a modified version of McCall's 6558......'s the dress and it turned out really cute. The front splits open for belly photos!

I've been doing draping/patternmaking on my half scale dressform

Half scale sloper patterns are so tiny!!!

 When the family room get's converted into an indoor sheet/pillow fort.

 Don't know if you can see it but right above the leaf is the LARGEST BROWN WIDOW spider I've EVER seen! She was huge!!! Her body was about the size of a nickel and legs were super long. The red hourglass was VERY visible. Unfortunately she built a nest too close to my home so.......well I'll just say RIP.

 There's a coffee shop right next door to Mr. Jim's sewing studio. These cookies ALWAYS get me in trouble.

 Having a Skype dance session with her cousin.

 I've never seen a fire hydrant like this. There's so many questions racing through my mind. How heavy is it? is definitely my first one.

 Went to Sam's on Sunday and ended up having lunch for free. They had a TON of samples as shown here in Exhibit A. LOL!

 This was a GREAT laugh for my daughter and I at the drugstore! I won't even begin to ask question about this one LOL!

  My daughter was all too enthusiastic about vacuuming out the car. I hope she's always this anxious about cleaning. LOL!

 What discount? Just $0.05 each. That's just insulting!!!

You would think she doesn't like using her own legs. Always trying to hitch a ride with Daddy! 

Gary Chapman gives the best marriage advice. I loved "The Five Love Languages" so I definitely want to check this one out! 

 Looks like a book of truth!!!

 Gorgeous sunset in the neighborhood

 Saw this at my local Jo-Ann's. Isn't that the cutest caddy.

 Dr. Appt check-in/payment made simple. Thank God they got rid of the paper and clipboard. Notice my patternmaking book on the right. I don't go to any appt without a good read!

You'd think that Kindle is permanently attached to her hand LOL!

Got to see the Comedian Chonda Pierce with a dear friend & enjoyed the VIP experience. I had no idea she was so funny. She had us in tears!!!!

Ok, that's it for now, more later:)


  1. Your daughter has some great sidewalk chalk talent! I'm a bit nervous about spiders and snakes here, since we moved to the US. We have plenty of deadly ones in Australia, but I KNOW what ones they are, where they live, and what to avoid. I think I need an American spider book to skill up on! ;-)

  2. I have one question: How would one know if they had "monkey butt"?

  3. I had a New Look pattern that was missing an entire sheet!

    Almost everything with six or more legs gets a Raid bath in my house. If it's outside, no problem. As soon as it crosses the plane into my domain, problem! There are only a few exceptions: lady bugs, fireflies, and caterpillars. They're just so darn cute!

    I won't comment on the monkey butt. Nope. Not saying a word.

  4. So enjoyed your pix, including the spider. Glad to see your daughter is still enjoying books and is a budding artist too!

  5. So enjoyed your pix, including the spider. Glad to see your daughter is still enjoying books and is a budding artist too!

  6. Fun post - really enjoy the pix and glimpse into your life. Your daughter is quite creative too isn't she? And I've only seen Chonda Pierce once but my goodness we laughed and cried all in one evening. She is sooo good.

  7. I was just blog hopping and I found this post from a link somewhere. GREAT writing and fun content! I can't wait to read more!

  8. The maternity dress turned out very beautiful.

  9. I'm so glad I found your blog again!! I love all the catch up photos and your sewing is coming along great!! As for the slopers, will I am starting to sew doll clothes for clients so like you I am getting there. Still lots to learn but reading your blogs keeps me motivated, talk about tiny!!


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