Monday, March 24, 2014

It's time to get FANCY!!!! Sewing for the Father/Daughter Banquet!!!

One of my favorite times of the year is upon me. Our church's annual Father/Daughter Banquet---- like literally in 4 days!!! This is such a fun day for my Hubby and daughter. They actually go on a "date" every Friday but this event gives them a chance to get dressed up really swanky and hang out with other Dad's and their girls. There's food, dancing and giveaways! It's such a sweet event. I usually go also to help "waitress" for the night with some other the other Mom's.

Sewing my daughter's dress has become quite the tradition.
Remember???? Let me give you a walk down memory lane.....

F/D Banquet 2011
F/D Banquet 2012
F/D Banquet 2013

Awwww....I get misty eyed when I see those. I still have all of her dresses too! Will keep them forever. I'm amazed at how much she's grown! She's really getting big! My baby's growing up....sniff, sniff!

Ok, so the big day is Friday and I'm not really worried. Her dress is already cut out and sitting by the sewing machine. I'll tackle that later today. In addition to that I've decided to make my Hubby a matching tie. I've never made him one before so this should be fun. Originally I wanted to tailor him a suit but would have needed to start a couple of months back and I just had WAY too much going on to do that. There's always next year. Anyhow here's the pattern I'm using for my daughter's dress......

 (My daughter's dress---final pic! I LOVE it! It's a base pattern that I plan on doing some cute things to!)

I originally wanted to use this pattern and thought the same for last year but there's ALOT going on with this dress and I decided I didn't want all the layers and fullness. I'm certain I'll find a reason to use this pattern in the future!
(I decided not to go with this dress!)

(My Hubby's tie pattern)

Ok, I've got to go sew which means I've got to stop typing for now. I'll keep you abreast of my progress. I'll be sewing until Friday since I have both these pieces and Fearless February items to complete. My draping class is going fairly well and I'll have updates about that soon too! Hope your week is off to a great start!!!


  1. I'm glad you showed the previous year's dresses. They are all so cute! Can't wait to see the matching tie and dress fro this year!

  2. So... when will we get to see the finished product? I know she's going to be adorable... and her handsome Dad will be beaming as he sports his brand new tie. You are all truly blessed to have each other.


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