Monday, March 31, 2014

Fearless February-March Challenge End and my Accomplishments

I'm still on a bit of a high from this past FUN weekend! The Father/Daugher Banquet has come and gone (see my last post). I can't stop watching that funny video! Thanks for all of your kind comments!!!! Making my daughter's dress and Hubby's tie was fun. It's March 31st and the Fearless February Extension ends tonight! Can you believe it?!?!? I outlined the purpose of this sewing challenge and my goals in this post HERE Now before I show my challenge results I want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to everyone who participated. You can see some of the work of these great folks on the challenge Flickr page Talk about impressive!!!! Thanks for participating and your fearlessness.

Ok, I have to admit for some reason I was initially disappointed with my challenge outcome. But after reviewing all I've been doing for the last couple of months, given my full time client sewing schedule, I was able to get alot accomplished. I did the following:

1. Made myself a coat. One that I like VERY much!
It's Burda 7020.

I still need to review it but overall I love this pattern. I did get a bit obsessive about it. I ended up not liking the ribbon I put on the sleeve (to disguise where I lengthened the sleeve) so I plan to take it off and add a cuff instead. I'll do a detailed post soon.

2. I made my daughter a coat---a housecoat. I reviewed it a few posts ago.
  Originally I was going to make her a Winter coat but with the seasons changing and her growing super fast that didn't make any sense.

3. I attempted to make my Hubby a jacket. It's KwikSew 4017. The pattern is excellent.
(The Hubby wasn't a fan of modeling his muslin. The fit was great. Just need more sleeve length. I took a back photo but for some reason it's corrupt on my phone. But the back fit good too---take my word for it!)

I made his muslin and was ready to go ahead but couldn't find exactly the fabric I wanted to use. I visited 4 fabric stores! That's right, 4. I actually found the fabric I wanted in one of the stores but there wasn't enough for the coat. Call me picky but I really want a small wall dark gray corduroy for this jacket. I'll see if I can get it online. Nevertheless it's getting warm so I may have to revisit this project in the Fall.

4. I made myself another pair of pants! The fit was great! I did a review a few posts ago.

5. I draped on my mini form

I used the fabric I made for my client's birthday gown to drape a similar gown. This was very freelance and I had a few hiccups--nothing I can't correct. I should have put some darts in the back. The "tookus" on this form is quite large. I would've never considered attempting this before if it weren't for the fact that I now take Draping classes! That's right I'm taking a draping class!

6.  My original plan was to drape myself a top.
 I didn't drape me a top because I decided to take draping lessons instead! 
So when I do drape myself a top I will do it RIGHT!!! I did drape a top for my size 10 PGM dressform. I decided to use this dressform instead of my "custom form" since I could leave it at my Mr. Jim's studio, where I'm taking the lessons. Anyhow I hope to post finished pics of the top soon and I plan on draping on my "custom form" so I can start wearing some of my own designs.

 (Learned how to make appropriate markings and pin correctly)

 (corrected the muslin)

(Transferred 3 pattern pieces to white dot paper for further correction/trueing)

I'm definitely enjoying my lessons. I've wanted to drape for the last 5 years or so. My Draping Teacher is wonderful! She's in Boston at the moment fitting/sewing Swan Lake costumes for the Boston Theatre dancers. I'm 2 classes in and have learned a whole lot. I have lots of homework to do while she is away. I'll keep you posted on my progress soon!

Ok, that's the results of my Fearless February-March challenge. I'm delighted by what I got to get done and am excited about the direction my draping is taking me in. Also, thanks again for everyone else who participated in the challenge and all you accomplished!!!! Looking forward to doing it again next year!


  1. WOW! I love seeing your progress; it always fires me up to do something more with my time! Tell your hubby that I love the THRILLED look on his face! ;)

  2. You did accomplish a lot! Your jacket looks fabulous, I am looking forward to your review!

  3. I've never heard the word 'tookus' before. I had to google it! Ha!

    I am so jealous of your draping classes. I managed to buy myself a book last year, but still haven't tried to do anything with it.

  4. You've accomplished lots! Well done!


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