Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Video Book Review/ Giveaway Winners!!!

Howdy!!! Well it's time for me to reveal the 2 winners of my 4th Blogoversary Giveaway. But 2 things first. THANKS to all of you who follow along with me on my sewing adventures and 10,000 Hour Sewing Challenge. I'm beginning to really settle into full time self-employment so my adventures are going to kick into higher gear. But more on that later. Secondly, I promised to do a book review---so here it is in video form.....BTW I made a small error in the video. My favorite fashion era is the 1500-1600's around the time of Queen Elizabeth I (I said Queen Victoria by mistake).


Last but not least................here's the winner of the Smithsonian Definitive Guide to History and Style!!!
Drum Roll please...........................

"Rosa from Silicon Valley!!!!!!!!!!!

And the winner of Mr. Jim's (my tailoring teacher-Blog HERE) Basic Alteration 2 DVD Disc set is..................another drum roll................

"Mary Deeter"

Ladies, please email me your contact info. You can reach me at tenthousandsewinghours@yahoo.com. Congrats again to the Ladies and thanks to all who participated!!!!


  1. Thanks for the review of the book, I had not heard of it before your post. I also think the 80s was a horrible era for fashion and hopefully I can get this book to add to my collection, this is right up my alley

  2. Thank you! I realized that I sent you a note privately, but I did not thank you publicly (my bad). I was so excited to see my name. Thank you, I will enjoy looking through the pictures and reading the commentary. Thank you for including me in your celebration--I wish you many happy years ahead !

    Rose in SV


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