Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Current Favorite Fashion Website......

Ok, after years of fighting it I've decided to immerse myself into the world of fashion designers. I mean I love clothes and I know what I like but I never took the time to look at the specific work of fashion designers. Now I'm intrigued. Each designer has/his own point of view and I now look forward to seeing how that's expressed season by season. I've only been familiar with a handful of designers but I plan to broaden my scope a bit. I ran across and LOVE the website!!!! I was just checking out Marc Jacob's Fall 2013 collection (I know I'm behind and need to catch up LOL!) I LOVED this look!!!!
I rock skirts and sweaters during the winter months (it's practically my uniform) and I'm thinking I need to add a few metallic skirts to my wardrobe to give my "uniform" some added spunk! I've really had a great time just looking at bunch of designer's work. It's neat to see the level of creativity that exists out there. I know there's a ton of fashion sites out there but this one is pretty cool! So far I've been caught up looking at runway shows but I plan to peruse the site. Since I'm sewing full-time I know I need to invest the time to study the fashions out there. Fashion design is now pretty intriguing to me. Who knows, I may just come out with my own line one day.......(wink, wink).
How about you do you frequent fashion websites??? Do you have any favorite Online Fashion sites that you think I should check out?????


  1. I loved that MJ collection too. I find that it takes years for fashion shows to percolate through into my sewing. is a great site. so is New York Magazines iPad app The Cut. It's almost more useful for reviewing the details of the clothing.

  2. I like too. Lately I've been frequenting They have lots of styling inspiration and tips.

  3. I love looking at fashion designers for inspiration I can incorporate into sewing, or just for giving others inspiration, whether it be colour combinations, seam lines or how it's styled. is my go to site, and has been for few years although is ok too!

  4. I love Net a Porter. It's easier to see detail on the fashions. Easier to see fashions period. It's a very good selection of not just high end fashion, but a mix of high fashion and more casual looks.


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