Thursday, February 14, 2013

Birthday "Flexible Ruler" Giveaway winner.....

I hate to be so brief but I've been sewing, sewing, sewing to try and stay on track for the Fearless February Sew Along. I'm a little behind and am playing catch up. I've got my first pair of pants near completion (have to add zipper and waistband) and have already muslin fit my jacket which I'll begin cutting and sewing this weekend. I'm going to be busy, busy, busy.

So that's my quick update. Without further ado, here's the winner of the Flexible Ruler........

......................drumroll please.................

and the winner is...............

The Lovely Sheila from Sheila-CTK!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!

Alright Mrs. Sheila, please email me your address and I'll get that over to you asap.

Also, I plan to do a Fearless February update post. Many of you have been emailing/messaging me letting me know your progress. I have to say I've been super impressed. Some of you are WAY further along then I am. I admire your fearlessness. Remember you can see the Fearless February participants HERE. Some have started and I think some may be starting a little later and others may just have forgotten. No worries though---as long as we're all sewing (smile). Of course it's not too late if anyone else wants to get on board. You can grab the FF Sew Along Button HERE! All right that's it for now......back to sewing:)


  1. Congratulations Ms Sheila! I'm still in Victoria and plan on completing my Fearless February project before the end of the month. I wish all the participants good luck!

  2. Congrats to the winner.
    I also have a big sewing weekend ahead. Hope to finish dress, start pants and decide on top. Good luck on your sewing, can't wait to see the finish projects.
    Check me out

  3. Yeahhhhh. Thank you Victoria. I have been eyeing the flexible ruler for some time now, but put off purchasing it and settled for my french curve ruler. However, I felt there were some limitations with the French curve and believe the flexible ruler would be more useful. Thanks a bunch.

  4. Congrats Shelia. The flexible will really come in handy!

  5. Congrats Sheila! But, how do you use that thing? Well, it's going to raining and cold here this weekend - so I plan on sewing TWO muslins for my jackets. I will begin posting progress Sunday evening, I hope! I have my fabric choices posted on my blog :) I'm at

  6. Thanks ladies.
    Jenny, I use the french curve to reshape necklines, armholes or trueing up a curve.
    Here is a link on how one used the french curve for the armhole:

    1. Thanks! I need to review this carefully because I usually have issues with the hips and armholes.

  7. Congrats Sheila. Checked out your blog, you do good work lady. I am baby-sitting sick grandson , strep throat, hope I don't get it. I also took on a sewing job involving drapes so I hope to finish them by the first of the week. I cut out a pair capri's and a blouse today so maybe I will get to them by tues or wed next week. I will post again as soon as they are finished.

  8. Hi Victoria and everyone else - I've started my Fearless February challenge. I really want a pair of jean like trousers for casual wear. The pattern I chose was not suited to my body so I'm starting again. I'm Sarah Liz at I will come and meet some of you in due course and see what you are all up to on your blogs. Victoria, I'm not sure how you find the time to do all this sewing - some of the rest of you as well are pretty busy. But it's not a race so it doesn't matter!

  9. Whoops, forgot this post was about the winner of the flexible ruler - Congrats Sheila, I hope you get a lot of use from the ruler.


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