Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sewing Jots and Tittles 6.28.12

"Sewing Jots & Tittles" is my weekly post where I get to ramble on and on about sewing related stuff that's been on my mind.....

Well, It's been a while so I've got lots to dump. Be careful---my mind's like quicksand---you really don't want to get stuck in it ! LOL!......

-I'm having a MAJOR addiction to raincoat fabric! My local Hancock's has a nice assortment and in lively colors. I picked up a gray nylon in Tennessee last weekend and can't wait to make a trench out of it!

 -Took a little break from sewing to have fun with pottery. Enjoyed the outing with my little one, my friend and her daughter (my goddaugther). But couldn't stay away from sewing too long---here's the spool of thread I made out of clay (pre-kiln). See the needle? The top removes so you can store stuff in it.

 -Remember this dress? I used the yellow twill in the middle. Look at all of the other cool colors!!! I want them ALL!!!
 -Came in and someone was passed out in my sewing room! I swear those little one's can sleep just about everywhere.

-Saw this dress at Belk's. Paisley in vivid colors in a simple style! Gorgeous!

-There's a man that walks around midtown dressed like an Egyptian Pharoah---all of the time. I'm serious! I've spotted him in Jo-Ann's looking a fabric. I'd love to ask him who makes his costumes.

-Remember, I went all the way to NYC in February to find this gorgeous taffeta fabric with embossed velvet design for my daughter's dress? Why did I find the exact same fabric in Wal-Mart in white? ! Nice! I have no idea where Wal-Mart gets it's fabrics from but it looks like they're stepping their "fabric game" up!!! LOL!

-I looked at the price tag on dog clothes. Can you say expensive! Shoot, I think I need to start sewing & selling them!!!! LOL!!!

-Look very closely!!! I promise I'm not lying but I was sitting in the Five Guys downtown and spotted April from Project Runway AGAIN!!! I've run into her in Jo-Ann's and I've seen her out somewhere else (can't readily recall). I felt like running out, yelling her name and waving! LOL! What???.....isn't that what you do when you feel like you know someone! LOL!!! Seriously, if I run into her again---we're definitely having a conversation:)

-I love finding old sewing books at thrift stores.....

-I could live in this outfit (longer shorts of course)! It is SO cute!!! Love the wild print blouse!

-I've developed somewhat of an interest in making bags......this seems like a VALUABLE resource!

-Suprise, suprise! I used a denim needle to alter a client's swimsuit. The synthetic and microtex needles didn't work--keep wadding the thread underneath. Guess the material needed a stronger needle. Interesting!!!

-Why did my credit card offer me a 40% coupon at Jo-Ann's for points? What in the world???? Who doesn't get those--and for free? They need to come with something bettter!!!

-I really despise ill-fitting advertised pattern catalog pics. The crotches on these capris are crazy unflattering!

-Did a cool pattern swap with a fellow sewer, Branka who lives in Slovenia! Talk about long distance!!! Here's my loot! Had a lot of fun! Would be interesting in doing a swap with others too:)


-I saw this book and have to have it! Such addictive reading. For some reason my brain retains random info like this. Heck, who doesn't want to know how to escape a crash into water. They make it look too easy in the movies!!! LOL!

-The Wee-One's first set of swim classes sure were fun!!!

-I'm sure it might be good but No thanks, I think I'll pass!

-My Wonderful Mother-In-Law, who was just in town visiting, made gluten-free mini pineapple upside down cakes. They were phenomenol. Won't tell how much I ate but I will say that I'm currently on a sugar free diet to offset the damage I've done to myself!!! LOL!!!

- Too true!!!

-An entire cookbook? Say it ain't so! Those must have been some desperate times!!!! LOL!


  1. Holy moly that taffeta is amazing! And I've tucked that tidbit about the denim needle for swimwear in my mental archives.

  2. Please, please, please! Ask your mother-in-law for her recipe. All of us GF people have to support each other and those sound amazing!

  3. Yes please. we all would appreciate it. I am currently in Vermont and found a Organic Farm in Bellow Falls and they bake a VERY GOOD loaf of gluten free bread.

  4. I always enjoy your roundups about life.
    I will watch your raincoat making with interest. One thing we have here in London is rain!
    The denim needle on a swimsuit is interesting- I'll have to remember that tip, just in case!

  5. great post as always and the heinz cook-book, you seriously can't make that one up.

  6. What a fun post! And now I'm obsessed with the top you said you could live in (with longer shorts). Where did you see it? Must. Own. Now. The fact that I have enough fabric to clothe my town after I save everyone from the zombie apocalypse using the Ultimate Survival Guide and the Heinz Ketchup cookbook is really beside the point.

    1. Hey Lady, I think it was from Express---I get those sales pamplets all of the time. LOL about the Zombie apocolypse! LOL!

  7. great post you have provided my morning laugh. And what ? that fabric at Walmart? it is such a mystery about which fabric ends up where.

  8. LOL... you are funny:) I'm loving the raincoat fabrics too, will have to check out my Hancock's... give a "holla" at April for me next time:)

  9. I ***LOVE*** this post!!!!!! It's so all over the place. LOL! Those cakes look divine.

    The ketchup cookbook made me laugh so hard I snorted...LOL!

  10. Lady you were on a roll! Lol I really liked the picture of your baby, passed out on the table. I remember those days. They can sleep anywhere. Lol Fabric, love looking at it, buying it, and sewing it. Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Ginny July 2, 2012

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. I really enjoy reading your blog. You are very talented and funny. I would love to meet you one day.


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