Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Love / Hate Relationship with Fabric????

This has been a fun weekend!!! I have 2 garments that I need to add binding to and they'll be done. I had to put to put a hold on them to leave for Chattanooga, TN to visit & help some family who just moved there get settled in. It was a quick and fun little weekend trip. I loved the TN mountains---especially Rock City & Lookout Mountain----just wasn't too thrilled driving up narrow, winding roads in an oversized pickup truck.  I prayed and yelled at my hubby for driving fast the entire way up!  LOL! It was soooooo scary. Next time I'll be sure to get a tranquillizer.

On  a side note, while there I was able to visit the local Joann's fabrics and did pick up some great pieces. I always love to visit fabric stores in other cities. The selection is always a bit different from my own.
(l to r: jersey knit, multicolor floral print twill, Fancy "couture Jacquard (I was told it was only sold in 10 HF stores) & Gray nylon (for trench coat).

Ok, but that's not the purpose of this post. I have a piece of fabric that I'm both intrigued and puzzled by.  I'm currently finishing up another McCall's 6559 in a cute cotton knit that I picked up at Wal-Mart. I also picked up 2 other pieces that were similar to it. They all have this ethnic tribal feel--a cool mix of earth tones and neat patterns---kinda like a tribal tye dye. I'm not explaining it right, but one of the 3 pieces I purchased I love but at the same time am kinda repulsed by it. I never though it possible to have a love/hate relationship with my fabric but it seems that's the case! Here it is.....

Again, its a cotton knit and I have around 3 yards of it.
I'm really trying hard to dissect my emotions about it here. For sure I absolutely love the colors.  The blend of brown, tan, green, lime green & teal are really pretty. I know for sure I'm not really feeling the pattern. I mean I like it but then those brown spots look a little measel-y. Does anyone else get that impression?  It seems my feeling of adoration outweigh my repulsion so I'll keep the fabric. I just realize I have to be VERY wise in the pattern I choose. I'm thinking about a cute short twist halter top dress. Simplicity 2580 fits the bill. I could even orient it where the pattern is diagonal. It could make for an interesting dress. Hmmmmm....we shall see.

Nevertheless that's my struggle!

Has anyone else experience a love/hate relationship with their fabric? Isn't it such a weird situation? Do share!!!


  1. I kinda understand Victoria. I'm wearing a mission maxi that I made recently from a jersey knit I got on my last NYC visit to Metro Textile. Love the colors and the feel of the fabric, however the print is crazy, medallions, stars a real kaleidoscope going on here. There other knit pieces in my stash that I don't quite feel, but I'm such a knit lover that I will keep them. Knits are at a real premium in my area and sometimes hard to find at good prices.

  2. Oh yes I can relate. I made my daughter a dress once out of a fabric that I couldn't bring myself to buy as I kept looking at it but decided it was too ugly. When it was on sale for a ridiculously cheap price I bought it and made a dress. It turned out to be perfect for a small girl and my daughter received compliments every time she wore it! Sometimes fabrics look ugly on the roll but look fantastic when made up.

  3. I think this pattern and fabric work out well.

  4. Yes, I have a few pieces like that in my stash. But in all honesty,it happen to be fabric I purchased online. Like the Kelly green that turned out to be neon,lol. I also purchased a orange,black and golden big flower print fabric that my kids think is silly, but I think with the right retro pattern it could work. I think? Well, somehow I know you'll find the right combination.

  5. I have some fabric like that and it's still sitting in my closet. But you have chosen one of my all time favorite go to patterns so I'm sure the fabric will work!!!

  6. I like the colours too, maybe once you make it up into a dress or something, the impression of the dot pattern will change with the drape of the fabric.

  7. Next time you should be doing the driving. Scaring you with the driving is in the same realm as scaring you with a gun.
    That said, I find that busy fabric calls for a very simple pattern :-).

  8. I have that same knit fabric from Wal-Mart. I used to to make M6069. LOVE IT!!!!

  9. I totally understand. I have fabric in my stash that I feel the same way about. I think I'd better stop by my local Wal-Mart to see if they've gotten any new fabric in.

  10. I inherited someone else's dead relative's stash recently (sounds morbid, but truly it is not!) and there was a piece of lovely, soft brushed denim there. Well, it felt lovely, but I am still not sure about the print: clumps of fuschia, orange, yellow and blue flowers, all with vividly green leaves in several shades of green, on a background that can best be described as "pokeberry purple." I like it, I don't like it. I can't decide if it is beautiful or hideous. Have asked my friends, and half like it, half hate it.

  11. Oh yes I do that too, usually with a crazy print that I love looking at but can't always imagine wearing. I think you should just go ahead and make up that jersey, once it is in a garment you won't see the "measles"!

  12. I like the idea of the twist halter. What about a maxi dress?


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