Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sewing Jots & Tittles 6.26.11

 "Sewing Jots & Tittles" is my weekly post where I get to ramble on and on about sewing related stuff that's been on my mind. Here what's been orbiting my brain.....
Vacation Sewing:
 -This month is my vacation month (yeah, woo-hoo, yipee) and I've got to make a few items to take with me. I'm pulling out patterns and fabric now---so I'm in planning mode. One garment I know will be another jumpsuit--I've already bought the fabric and have prepped it. The other items will be cute and simple---and probably mostly knit. To me there's nothing cooler, especially since we're heading down South to Florida. Besides, I'll be dropping the Wee-One off at Grandma & Grandpa's for a week, so that will free up lots of time for sewing!!!! Can't wait until I organize those plans.

3 Waiting in the Wings:
-I have 3 garments that are cut out and ready to be sewn. I have no idea how I got so backed up like that. I need to figure out something fast, especially with Vacation Sewing that needs to be done. They may have to sit on the backburner until I make it through the Vacation sewing. Sigh......

New Fashion Shows on Bravo
-In August, when the Rachel Zoe's show new season begins (I've never been a huge fan but I do occassionally watch it) there will be 2 new fashion shows.
One is Fashion Hunters and the other Mad Fashion. Fashion Hunters focuses on employees of the Second Time Thrift store that  is known for it's high end merchandise. Mad Fashion is pretty much self explanatory in that it deals with the crazy fashion sense of Chris March, former Project Runway Alum. You can find more info for each show here & I'll check them out.

Banana Republic
-I saw this dress in the Banana Republic store window in Downtown Savannah a week ago. Isn't it just gorgeous. The simplicity of the design and those beautiful, soft watercolors. So breathtaking.

Fabric from Lisbon
-I had some Co-Workers/Friend recently travel to Europe and while they were in Lisbon, Portugal looked what they picked up for me. I love Fabric from other countries. Plus it's a knit----what a treat!!!

A Funny:
I saw this in the current Vogue Pattern magazine and it made me chuckle.We seamstresses are truly artists!!!


  1. Have a great vacation! It's a chance to show off some of those gorgeous dresses you've sewn as well as plan new ones. A gift of fabric - now that is thoughtful! Much better than a bottle of port!

  2. I'm very envious that you have a trip to Florida planned - I love it there! Sounds like you're going to have some lovely clothes to take with you - another glamorous jumpsuit will be so perfect for the Florida sunshine.

  3. I love that portguese fabric. That will be absolutely stunning! And how nice for them to bring it back to you!

  4. Happy sewcation Victoria! I'm on one also since I couldn't go home this summer. I'm sewing up everything in sight - just can't sew fast enough. Wish I could bring my machine down to your house - where I know I could get more inspiration. First look at your post and I thought you had the new McCall's patterns. I said "oh no, now I've got to make a trip to Joann's. Wheeew, glad I don't have to go there today!

  5. I love the quote! Have a great vacation!

  6. I love that quote, too!
    Happy stitching!

  7. Wow what great fabric, congratulations!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it. By the way, I totally agree with you about the banana republic dress...absolutely stunning!! Enjoy your vacation!

  8. Thanks for the blast on the new shows and the premeires of the old favorites. i don't watch much Tv so when I tune in it is purposful.

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