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Sewing Jots & Tittles 5.20.11

 "Sewing Jots & Tittles" is my weekly post where I get to ramble on and on about sewing related stuff that's been on my mind. Here what's been orbiting my brain.....

- Button Lovin'--After sewing my last dress I've found a new love for sewing buttons. I prefer  invisible zipper since they are my favorite notion but I have to admit, sewing buttonholes and buttons was less of a chore than I originally thought. My sewing machine makes it a piece of cake and for the first time I used my machine to sew on my buttons which was super easy. I don't know why I was dreading it in the first place.

-New Muslin
My new "muslin" which I mentioned in this post finally arrived.  It's thin and quite translucent but very strong. And it's much less expensive than other forms of tracing materials.  I can't wait to give it a try. I found out they actually sell this stuff in wider widths so I might look into getting a huge roll of that and fold it in half to cut. The wider one's are use when setting up septic tanks and go on the bottom of them. It's amazing how such a product can be used in sewing:)

-Iron Demineralizer--
 I have a Consew steam generating iron and it works absolutely great! I've only used distilled water in the past but had to use filtered tap water when I ran out. I noticed it wasn't steaming up as normal and had a feeling that minerals were building up in my iron. Well I added the demineralizer and my iron was back to normal.  Moral of the story, ALWAYS use the DEMINERALIZER!

-Pure Puzzlement:
I had to go shopping for "undergarments" this weekend. It's not my favorite thing and feels like more a chore. As we all know, elastic doesn't last forever and to keep from looking like . Anyway to make the process easier I always bring one of my bras in and use it as a template for the one's I try on and buy. Anyway I saw this bra and thought it was rather funny. I don't know about you, but I surely don't buy a bra to "minimize" anything---accentuate is more like it. It's a 36C (my size), is that even large enough to try and minimize???? I know there are some women who do but I'll leave this one for them! LOL!

-Skyscraper shoes--
 Ross' Dress for Less is my favorite place to shop for shoes. There I can get great shoes (some big brand names) shoes at drastically reduced prices. I ran across these little babies and couldn't pass them up. They are gorgeous but they have like a 4" heel on them. Ok, I know I'm going to be like 10 ft tall in these, but I can't pass out a great pair of heels, especially when they're only $16.

 (Picture taken at Ross before I paid for them and cut them apart:)

-Pattern for this Fabric
I absolutely LOVE this fabric!  The colors are pretty awesome---white, gray, orange, olive, and silver abstract print that's sheer and crinkly. I have in mind what type of dress I want I'm just waiting to see an exact picture of it so I can copy it.

Denim Print knit---

Don't ask but I want this for a project so badly! I saw some jeggings a WalMart long ago and they were actually not denim, but a knit with a denim print! How clever is that. I want some of that fabric!!! Has anyone seen any anywhere?

 -Palmer and Pletsch Jeans DVD

I read on another blog that P &P came out with a new DVD. I'm actually excited and it's one on a great topic---sewing jeans. First of all, I don't really need it and could sew a pair quite fine without it but I have most all of the DVD's and am pretty much a collector at this point (plus I love their interfacing). Besides I'm a visual learner and it's always nice to pick up a couple of new ideas and different approaches to doing something. I'm ALWAYS learning:)

So that's what's been on my mind. What's been on yours?


  1. I love my consew...and yes I need to demineralize.
    I also use the swedish tracing paper for pattern tracing but not yet for muslins. It is durable and forgiving.

  2. I actually just found some "jegging" material at Joann's on the clearance rack. The whole bolt was there - I guess no one else knew what to do with it! also got some in awhile ago, and it looks like there is only 6 yards left of the navy:

  3. Thanks JT! I never knew they had it at

  4. Cute shoes! I love the button-sewing foot. Hand-sewing shank buttons, not so much.

  5. Shoes are so fun to shop for, undergarments...not so much. Emma One Sock had some jegging material awhile ago, not sure if she still has it though. The DVD would surely offer something new!

  6. Great post Victoria! Thanks for the tip on the muslin!!

  7. I also saw some in Joann's on the clearance rack. Thanks for the tip on the Jeans DVD.

  8. I recently tried the button sewing foot and it was a revelation! Not so difficult and not so hard to set up!

  9. I love using my machine to sew buttons. I haven't mastered the buttonhole yet...

  10. The swedish paper is such a delight to work with. I am glad you got yourself some! Shoes are fun to shop... Undergarments... not so much! I didn't know about the de-mineralizer... Thanks for the tip Victoria!

  11. Great post - lots of interesting things! I must try using my sewing machine to sew on buttons - I never remember that you can do that. Great shoes - very hot! I'm interested in that DVD - I just used the P & P pattern to make some jeans.

  12. Thanks, Victoria. Now I have to find out if my machine can sew buttons. I didn't know that was possible.

  13. Bra Shopping. That's what's on my mind. I've been doing it, hating it, and yes, I am one of those women that looks at the minimizers!
    Hope you had a lovely weekend, Victoria.

  14. Nice post, Victoria. I want that iron, too. Lol I buy minimizers; I'm more than a C though. Shopping for underwear that gives you the fit and look you want can sometimes by a chore. I purchase a variety styles to wear with different clothing. Love the shoes. C


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