Thursday, March 25, 2010

Possible Easter Dress Patterns/ New Vogue Summer Patterns

Ok--- I finally have narrowed down a few patterns for my Easter dress. A couple of blog posts ago I introduced my Easter fabric. It is......
Now, I feel I have a little challenge with pairing this fabric with the right pattern. The look and feel of this pattern exudes such elegance.  If I pick a pattern that's too elaborate, all the fabric will do is drown out the design elements.So I'm trying to find a pattern that is simple yet elegant.

Well I pulled a few patterns out of my stash that I thought would work. They are......

McCall 6024

(I'm thinking maybe the middle dress with the sleeves)

Simplicity 2888
(....Or maybe the dress on the left)

Simplicity 2926
(The dress on the left and bottom right caught my eye also)

Simplicity 3877
(I love all of these looks but the one on the right would be stunning in this fabric.)

But then I went online to do a few searches too and stumbled on the newest season of Vogue Patterns. Immediately this pattern popped out at me. It's Vogue 1182 and it's Spectacular!!! It's by the designer Kay Unger. I imagine that this dress could look very pretty in a floral print!
 I plan to go hunt it down on Thursday. I hope it isn't so new that I can't get it in JoAnn's or Hancock Fabrics now!

Time is moving quickly and I need to come to a quick decision. I hope to have this figured out by week's end so I can get started. I'll gladly take any opinions!!!


  1. Hee hee - I made 6024 for my Easter dress! It's nice (although the facings are TERRIBLE), but those flounces are pretty busy. They might overwhelm your print. I LOVE that last Simplicity!

  2. I love all of your pattern choices and think any one of them would make a lovely Easter dress with that gorgeous fabric. That new Kay Unger design is particularly stunning though!

  3. Girl, I saw the new Vogue patterns and did a flip. They are so pretty. I love what you have chosen. Go for it!

  4. I read on PR that Kwik Sew 3735 is the same as V1182.

    they look pretty similar to me & the Kwik sew i probably easier to follow.

  5. Ooh, I'd love to see the new Vogue in your fabric! I saw that pattern last night and loved it.

  6. My favourite for the fabric you've chosen is the Simplicity dress. It is simple, with not too much detail and will allow the fabric to shine. Second favourite is the newest Vogue.

  7. All of your patterns are very lovely and spring-y. I especially like the Simplicity 2926, the one on the left has a bit of detail at the neckline and some seaming for structure but the overall flow would not be interrupted and the fabric seems very flowing to me. But I also liked the latest Vogue because it might be neat to take something flowing and structure it in that much, the contrast might highlight each feature nicely.

  8. I keep seeing Vogue 1182 everywhere and I really want to make it now. It's such a flattering neckline and I think it would really work with this print.

  9. Great line up of dresses for your fabric. I like M6024 the best and V1126 is my second favorite.


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