Saturday, March 6, 2010

10,000 Hour Sewing Challenges: March & April 2010 Goals

It took me a week but I was finally able to round up a new set of sewing projects. For some reason it took a little while for the creative juices to flow for me to settle upon some good ideas.  Nevertheless, I'm SUPER EXCITED about my new goals.  Here are the "pool of patterns" I plan to pick from to create my 6-10 garment by the end of April.  They are....
(Just have to add the zipper and this top is ready for review)

 (This dress is cut out and is next in line to be sewn)

(Here is the "pool of patterns" in which I'll pull some of my remaining projects from unless I get some new ideas or new patterns)

 (I still want to squeeze in a pair of jeans and possibly another pair of these Jalie trousers(I loved my first pair of trousers).)

Here's my pool of fabrics as well.....
(Lots of colorful poplin prints for tops and dresses.......)

 (Denim and bottom-weight fabrics for capri's and jeans)

(2 polyester prints that I can't wait to sew with.)

In addition to these above sewing projects I have to sew Easter dresses for my daughter, Goddaughter, and myself. I haven't even decided on patterns yet but I'm working on it asap.

The next 2 months are going to be a super busy month and I'm going to cram as many sewing project that I can into them. I wasn't super satisfied with my progress from January & February's sewing challenge so I feel I've got to push my limits just a bit. Thanks in advance for following along with me and keep your fingers crossed for me!!!


  1. Fun stuff!! You've got some great projects lined up.

  2. Awesome line-up of patterns and I totally *love* the fabric you are using for B5225


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