Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hot for Hoodies!!!

I recently made a hoodie (McCall 5508) for my daughter since Wal-Mart hadn't got their coats in stock and it was beginning to get cold here. Well it ended up being the easiest thing to sew since it only had 5 pattern pieces. It went together in about 1.5 hours and that's with me sewing the hood on backwards and having to pick and restitch. I definitely recommend it!!!!
Here's the "Wee-One cheesin" in her hoodie! She's Mama's little cutie!

I picked up these Blizzard fleece fabrics during the Joann's Black Friday sale. They were $2.99/yd (originally $10-$15/yd). The pattern only calls for 1 yard for sizes 1-3, I think--more for larger sizes. I figure I'll make her another one (or two) and save the remaining fabric for when she outgrows these.

Aren't these fabrics spectacular!!!


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