Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Mccall 7630 Bell Sleeve Peplum

I enjoyed making this top so much. Needless to say you know I'm a sucker for a good peplum top! AND I LOVED THE COLORS and print of this fabric. Although I'm a seamstress you know (or may be learning for the first time) I'm a Certified Color and Image Consultant ( so color and style really matters to me! BTW---please like us on FB and Instagram.It's always nice to feel the love!
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Anhow.... I loved this look--and the changes I made to the pattern. Details below....

Pattern used: Mccall 7630 view C
Size: Size 12
Changes: I made peplum a bit wider and 2" longer I also narrowed the long bell sleeve about 2" and then converted it into a bell sleeve. I also added 1/2 elastic to waist

Love this top! The poly print fabric in some of my favorite shades is great! And the sleeves are fun!


  1. OMG! Victoria this is too cute!! Love it!

  2. The colorway and design look wonderful on you!

  3. Cute!!! I love a peplum top too. :)

  4. Beautiful top! Love it. If you switch to miniatures you can sew less hours. Using your color skills will definitely add to the hobby. Great job. Felmaj


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