Friday, February 20, 2015

Burda 7053- The 2 Sided Shimmery Leopard and Black Cocktail Dress

I made my cocktail dress just in time for tonight's special event!!! As I mentioned in my last post I donated 2 handmade infinity scarves to be auctioned at the Blueprint pageant's "Southern Belles and Cocktails networking/fundraising event.  And I love the results! This was a very fun dress to make in 3.5 hours. I cut it out before bed last night and assembled this morning. I was looking for the right pattern to use with a shimmery silver and black leopard print ponte roma knit (try saying all that three times fast LOL). When I selected this fabric I was mindful that it was pretty flashy so I toned it down by picking a design that allowed me to use both the shimmery leopard print side of the fabric and the basic black side of the fabric. I wanted the design to incorporate some color blocking. I decided to go with Burda 7053 which I first made back in January of 2014 (pics HERE). I modified it a great deal from the original pattern and had fun switching things up. I was happy to let me creativity run away with me on this one.  Here's some pics and the changes I made below.....

 (Front view of the dress. Mind you --despite the camera's photo bleaching---the dress is actually black with silver metallic leopard print and black side panels and has another unique detail. Notice it??? You have to look close)

 (Another detail---I only put black panels on the front sides and omitted them from the back sides.....Notice the other unique detail yet???)

 (Also, I switched up the original pattern design and made the entire back the black and silver leopard print fabric. Have you noticed the unique detail yet? Hint: Has something to do with the sleeves....)

(Yup one sleeve is made using the black/silver metallic leopard print and the other is using the reverse solid black side. I actually did this by mistake but ended up loving it. I wanted to make this dress unique. It's funny most folks didn't even notice it until I pointed it out. I love the subtlety of that!!!) It's like a little wink and a nod!)

(Fabric up close! It's just fantastic!)

 (My camerman (Hubby)was out on his regular Friday night Daddy/Daughter date so I had to fend for myself with pics. Sorry for the poor quality selfies--but these give a better idea of the fabric color and details...)

 (that side panel was just enough infusion of black to break up the flashy print)

 (And this is the side view with the solid black sleeve. I love that you get 2 different views of the dress depending on which side you're looking.)

 (Here are the  2 Infinity scarves I donated for the silent auction. I loved the fabrics. The one on the left is a charmeuse and on the right a polyester blend that draped perfectly! Love the colors of both!)

 (Here's the Pretty Lady and bid winner of both of my scarves. She absolutely loved them and I'm ecstatic the money went to a good cause!)

Today was such a great day! These are the moments when I enjoy sewing the most. I love to know it can do such good and I love being able to create clothes that excite mine and other's senses! It's an amazing feeling! Alrighty, I'm beat from a long day and it's time to turn in. Have much more sewing to do in the morning---remember I've got Fearless February goals to fulfill. Night, Night!


  1. Wow! Gorgeous dress! You did a wonderful job. Those infinity scarves are very pretty too :)

  2. Your dress so flattering and fun looking. I didn't notice the sleeves til you pointed it out.

  3. You're so right, the black panels break up the flashy and add a beautiful contour to your shape. Very flattering! And the sleeves are such a fun touch!

  4. I love your dress and it took me a moment to notice the sleeves before you pointed it out. You look great in it.

  5. Wow, you knocked it out of the ball park with this style Victoria! That dress is so beautiful on you. I really liked the way you designed it with special sleeve detail

  6. Your dress is gorgeous, and it looks so good on you. You are very talented.


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