Sunday, February 9, 2014

Making Gowns for the Florida Chamber Music Ladies!

Today is my birthday (YAYYYY!) and I'm delighted to say it's been a good one! I've been showered by so much love and well wishes---words alone can't express how appreciative I am!!!  Today was also a good day because I also got to go hang out in Jacksonville, Florida and see the Florida Chamber Music group perform in gowns that my tailoring teacher, Mr. Jim and I helped produce. That's right, the prestigious ladies wore our gowns!!! The Florida Chamber Music group consists of 5 spectacularly talented women (4 Violinist & 1 Cellist). It was primarily Mr. Jim's project  and connections but I was privileged to  help out with the sewing too. It was a spectacular experience! I've never worked with a group of female clients all at once. I learned alot. The dress design was sketched by Mr. Jason Woods and Mr. Jim had the pleasure of bringing it to life.
Here's Mr. Jim and I posing with one of the lovely ladies in her fancy performance gown......It's a long length midnight blue dull satin dress with silver trim embellishment and lace sleeves.

......another view. Please forgive the poor pic quality.

Unfortunately I don't have any formal pictures of all the ladies in their gowns but I'll definitely post them when I do. Hopefully this pic gives you an idea of dresses. All 5 of the ladies had similar gowns with neckline, sleeve and trim design variations.

Here's the performance program. (next 4 pics).....'s schedule and future concerts.....

 ....a write-up on Mr. Jim (see me in the pic too---that was one of our fitting appointments with the ladies in his studio.)

....Mr. Jim's write-up continued (there's a pic of all of the ladies in his studio)

Here's a formal promotional pic of the ladies. You can visit their website here...

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the ladies performance and the opportunity to help make their gowns. It was truly a magical experience and a great way to top off a phenomenal birthday!

Also, a special shout out to my girlfriend Kenay who accompanied me on my trip and made my Birthday/Girl's Getaway weekend a blast. Love you chick!!!

(Having silly fun at the Lush shop in J-Ville)


  1. How very exciting! Congrats and happy birthday wishes.

  2. Happy Birthday! A birthday you'll remember forever. ...and I really like Kenay's infinity's beautiful.

  3. Happy Birthday! Congrats on your collaboration with Mr. Jim.

  4. This is so cool - members from that group play at our church's annual Messiah concert that my husband directs on St. Simons Island! It's a small world! Happy birthday!

  5. What an honor to be able to put your skills to use in this way! Bravo! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

  6. Happy birthday! Seeing the mention in the program makes me think: I might charge less for my alterations for the girl choir if I got a mention in the program (all advertising is good advertising; I married a marketing guy). Good for you! Tailoring in action!

  7. Happy belated birthday and congratulation to you. You are so blessed to have this opportunity. Thanks for sharing.


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