Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Husband's Stylist Part I

I've recently become obsessed with menswear! Like really obsessed! Because of that I've taken a particular interest in dressing my husband. After 10 years of marriage some might think I'm a little late with this but the truth is my Hubby's ALWAYS had great style and never really needed me to stage any interventions or give him any ultimatums. LOL!!!!

What I'm interested in now is to kinda taking his style to another level. We met and dated when we were just teenagers. Fifteen years later and we're of course a bit older (and definitely have way more grays).  Again, his style is great now but I want to give it a bit of a boost. You know a little more polish and refinement. Plus he's my "Hottie" so he's got to look the part (wink).

So I've officially taken on the task of being his stylist. It's SOOOO much fun and my love for menswear is NOW right up there with my love women's clothing. Plus he's all for it and seems to like my involvement. We've got similar style tastes. So great, no resistance!!! Although that rarely stops us as women anyway! LOL!

The challenges of dressing my Hubby stem from his size. He's got an athletic build. He's 6'3" and around 250lb. He's got broad shoulders (usually a 2X in shirts) and really big muscular thighs (no doubt from years of playing sports). So for someone of his size skinny pants WILL NEVER be acceptable. Anything tight on his bottom half would just be plain wrong. Sometimes finding shirts can be tricky since he's considered "big and tall". Sleeves sometimes are too short, etc. He's not into "preppy wear" so those extra small shirt just won't do LOL! All in all he has a few challenges but nothing we can't work around.
(Here's me and my Hubby a few years back)

Here's some great men's looks I've stumbled on. I have to admit, most of these are from Nordstrom.com and are sharp and sexy. I would love to see him in some of these and am planning to add some of these pieces to his wardrobe.
 (such an effortless look. Nice way to showcase a great sweater and fitted jacket)
 (love the pop of color of the vest!  I just bought him a brown and black fitted corduroy jacket.)

(I'm just going to recreate this look. It's perfection from head to toe. Again with my Hubby's frame such a snug pair of jeans wouldn't work entirely. We'd have to loosen them up a bit.)

I love these casual looks. There's plenty of more looks I love but I'll save them for the Part II post (it's WAY past my bedtime). Anyhow, I'm SUPER excited about styling my Hubby and even more excited to enter the world of menswear---something I've never really been interested in before. I've got a few menswear sewing patterns and since the thought of sewing for my Hubby is no longer intimidating  expect to see a couple of pieces for him in the New Year.

How about you, do you like to play stylist for your Hubby, Wife, significant other? You feel confident in doing so? Do they let you? Are your styles compatible?


  1. Truly, my husband has much better taste than me and is very picky about what he wears. Even so, when it is time to buy a new suit or a new coat, he likes me to come along for advice and to look things over to make sure it is well made. He badly needs a new winter coat. I am tempted to try to make him one, but I just know it would all end in tears, he is so fussy. Then again, I could save us several hundred pounds sterling, if I pulled it off.

    I am sure your hubby will look sensational when you are done! After all, he is cute already:-)

    1. Karin, a coat would be a wonderful endeavor and adventure. I'd love to do that one day. Let me know if you decide to do it. I'd love to see it. And I'm sure Hubby would love it.

  2. Hubby is handsome! (whistle!)
    I "help" mine out. Living up here in the Seattle area, he found a well-made american line of clothing (Filson) that is really nice, but with a casual outdoorsy feel. We stick to casual basics in our house. Not much opportunity for dressy stuff. But if we dress up, I'm the stylist.

    1. Thanks Jean(ie), I've never heard of Filson. They've got some great sweaters and it's great it's made in the USA!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Alison! It's funny Men are about as bad as women. They can be so insecure sometimes. The compliments have made him smile:)

  4. I think in a marriage it can take at least 10 years to get used to your husband's style and frankly I would have crumbled if my husband had asked me to make him any clothing 10 years ago. And I mean crumbled.
    I do think your styling for your husband is wonderful.

  5. I thank you for this post! I sweat even at the thought of shopping for hubby. My mother-in-law being a classy fashionable lady did the shopping for hubby before I came along. I just don't have that eye for fashion even for myself and have failed hubby in this area plus now with a family we just can't afford that kind of shopping. I so appreciate your ideas and look forward to part 2.

  6. Victoria, your hubby is a cutie! Yes I do style my hubby too and have been doing so for the past 35 years because he likes it! I think my hubby's style is nice too, it just happens that he likes what I select for him. I just recently started asking some of his dress shirts only for special occasions because of his arms lengths. RTW are always too short for him! I also make most of his tees to because he loves the fabric I choose better than the traditional cotton ones he'd purchase before. (I use ayon Lycra, my favorite knit)

  7. ... I meant "Rayon Lycra" knit! Merry Christmas!

  8. joyeux noël !

  9. When my DH buys clothes (very rarely), he buys high end, but -- they last forever. At least that's the way it used to be. Who knows these days. That's one reason we sew lol!
    Happy 2013, and thanks so much for your inspirational gifts in 2012!


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