Friday, March 8, 2013

Sewing Jots and Tittles 3.8.13

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming for a much needed brain dump. Buckle up, it's gonna be a wild ride (wink).......

Sewing, Fashions and Such.....
(Thinking about doing a book trade. I'll likely sale back the book on the left to and use the credit to go toward the newer version of the book on the right.  I LOVE the F&PA book!)

(Yeah this is what happens when my daughter spends too much time in my sewing room. Who does this to a pin cushion??? LOL)

(I finally picked out my daughter and I's Easter outfits. I'm so excited. Now I've got to pick out the perfect fabric!)

 (Yes, I will be making denim capris in as many colors as I can this Spring/Summer)

(Finding some really cute fabrics for the upcoming Daddy/Daughter Banquet dresses)

(Almost deconstructed these pants and realized they were NYDJ. Didn't realize I bought fancy pants from a thrift store.)

(If I wore boots I probably wear these. Those are some F-A-N-C-Y boots! Hey if you're gonna do it---go ALL out! LOL!!!)

(Love this quote!!!)

(A friend of mine sent me this video for my bday. I LOVED this movie when I was just a kid!!! This particular scene has a special meaning now that I'm a sewer. Never underestimate the power of sewing!!!)

(Sushi themed stapler and erasers from World Market. Just the cutest things)

(She resented the fact that I found her sunglasses to be hilarious. They're like the big, Johnny-Depp-as-Willy Wonka kind LOL!!!!)

 (Got another great rice deal at Publix--and right as I just ran out of the other 20lb bag. Man this thing will also last forever LOL!)

(Some of the best gluten free cake I picked up at Whole Foods. It was gone in less than 2 days)

(I caught her sneaking food to her cousin. It was like she was feeding a small animal or something LOL. BTW, this is also the cousin she tried to adopt as her little brother. I've gotta get this child a companion!!!! LOL!)

 (What my daughter looked like after spending a weekend hanging with her Grandparents/Aunts/Cousins, etc. She couldn't stay awake in the store LOL!)

 (Love to come to work and see flowers in bloom. Spring is near!!!!)

(Oops, they forgot to cut down one!)

(This is what my child looked like when I picked her up one day from school. SMH! LOL!)

(Hilarious ad)

(I never knew that Africa's largest mammal migration were fruit bats in Zambia. What an interesting read.....)

(Really good movie!!!)

Ok, back to the regularly scheduled program!!!! Pants Fitting Series post #2 next.....


  1. That's is too funny about that pin cushion~ I have boys,,,when they get a hold of the cushion and a seam ripper...imagine, lol! They're older now....
    I've always wanted me a pair of pink cowboy boots...I was just talking about them yesterday...soon!
    Your daughter is adorable...just think of all the info she is retaining by hanging out with you, in and out of the sewing room.
    I have been wanting to see that movie, I'm glad you commented on it. Thanks!

  2. What a fun post.... ur girl is the cutest! Love the pic with the sun glasses and the undone hair! Poor thing and bad mommy! Hahahaha!

  3. What a fun post.... ur girl is the cutest! Love the pic with the sun glasses and the undone hair! Poor thing and bad mommy! Hahahaha!

  4. Always enjoy reading your jots such random fun and laugh.. your daughter is so precious! Enjoy the weekend

  5. By the time I got to the end of the post, I had forgotten all about the sewing related pics! Oops! Fun post:)

  6. Your daughter is growing so fast! How old is she now? (And she looks so much like you!)

    1. Hey Lady! I know, she'll be 6 in August! I can hardly believe it!!!

  7. 20 pounds of rice is my kind of shopping. If I ain't got rice, I ain't got groceries!

  8. Oh my gosh! I just watched that film clip you posted from "The Three Amigos" and laughed my not very small butt off. LOL! Thanks sooooo much for that. BTW, I love your blog. I visit from time to time because I love what you do here.

    1. It was so funny Jan!!! Glad we shared a laugh!!! Thanks for your kind words and for visiting:)

  9. Yes for Unconditional!!!!!!! I just saw it last week, and I loved it!!

  10. I'll ask a sewing question. Why don't you like the Professional Sewing Techniques? I'd also like to know if it's worth getting the updated edition of Fitting and Pattern Alteration, so please do comment if you do buy it.
    Your dd's face made me laugh. They do get to that point where they really don't always appreciate Mom. She's adorable.

    1. I like the PST book but it's expendable at this point. I have SO many basic sewing/construction books. It's cool in that it only has drawings instead of real photo and very up-to-date fashion info & construction techniques. But I'd rather have the updated FPA book. I previewed it online and I love the new updates. They've expanded the pants fitting section and added other helpful details. It's definitely worth purchasing. I LOVE my old version & can't wait to get the new one!

  11. I love the fitting and pattern alterations book. It's so expensive but definitely worth it!!!

  12. I love the video power of sewing, the enemies retreated.


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